Thursday, June 23, 2011

Homemade Baked Bread

  Good Day to everyone! Hope you all are having a good week. Our days of cool weather will soon be behind us, for the clouds just allowed the sun to shine through brightly. It was very good while it lasted, and the forcast has promised us the heat will continue. Ugh!   All is not lost however. I have the coolest friend ever! I talked to her earlier and she told me she would drop off a surprise for me later. I'd almost forgotten about it until I went out after lunch to sweep the rainwater from the porch and walk and I found this perfectly wrapped loaf on the table with a note, "I baked two, one for me, and one for you!" It is a loaf of Banana Walnut Bread. I was so pleased, and loved her more!
   The pretty wrapping and beautifully tied ribbon was undone before I could get to my camera. Boy, do I have a lot of 'splaining to do! LOL.

I wish we had smell on our blogs. It smells so yummy. This is an 8 1/2" loaf. It's on a platter.

See what a large slice I shared. LOL

  I put the kettle on for tea and Miss Fannie, my mom-in-law, (this is how I will refer to her now) sliced the bread and got the cups down for tea. Ohhh, this bread is seriously delectable! It was still slightly warm and seemingly it melted in my mouth. She enjoyed it too!
  I have written a thank you card to my dear friend and will send it off in this eve's mail. Isn't it great to have friends, I mean good ones, who know what is needed , when it's needed, and gets it done! I do love you dear, you made my day! 
  Hurry on back and see what's happening at our house. Until next time... keep smiling!     Loretta


  1. I can almost smell it, lovely... ;-)

  2. So nice of your friend and I know it's yummy too. I bet the aroma when when you unwrapped the bread was heavenly!

  3. That bread really looks delicious. What a nice friend you have!...Christine

  4. Too bad there isnt scratch and sniff

  5. Oh my, what is better than homemade banana bread and a good friend to share it with! Looks delicious. I would love that witha nice cup of coffee!

  6. I sure could use a slice of that bread right now, lol... Nice to have a wonderful friend like that that shares.


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