Monday, May 23, 2011

Hi Everyone...I'm Back

Good Monday Evening to you all! Thank you sooo very much for your encouraging and kind words from the both of us! We really needed then all and they came at a time when we thought about just giving up. Your prayers and friendship were needed and you supported us without fail.
I had a bad flare-up from the fibro, and that really got me down and set me back, then James' mom was found on the floor alone and abandoned in her home. That was a terrible blow to both of us. We are currently trying to bring her into our home, and we've had to give up space to do so, but worth all the effort we have gone through to do so.

 My Mother-in-law is so happy to be coming into our home, and looking forward to my caring for her. I hope I'll be worthy of her trust and hopes. Pray that we will be able to care for her as long as possible, because she is in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. I thought I'd share some before and after pics with you.

 Dear friends, I'm still not done, but I have made some progress. The old house seem to have more than this one. I've resolved to take it one day at a time and forget about tryng to hurry things along. Things aren't the best, because I'm working alone and still trying to get through this flare-up. The kitchen does look a bit better now. I cooked our first meal, but forgot to take a picture. How soon we forget huh? Well, I just want to say hello and to let you know, I'm back to reality. Give me a few and I'll be visiting soon. Until then....luv you!
What a mess huh? Work still in progress

Sorry, this is after some of the madness! The dining room.

The other side of the dining room.

You know me...always getting this backwards!

The front porch was done after I hung the curtains.
We have six-over-six and I did them first. Even though the house isn't done, I take the time to sit for a spell and watch the kids play in the park across the street.


  1. Loretta, welcome back! I WAS thinking of you and your hubby, and I was hoping things were going well for you. I figured, with moving, you didn't have much time to post or visit blogs! This was a nice post for two reasons: #1, to hear that you will be taking care of your MIL (I hope your husband APPRECIATES you taking care of his Mom!) and, #2, I enjoyed seeing your new home photos. You have many lovely things AND you are a lovely person, so everything will come together, don't you worry. Patience is a virtue. So just take your time. And let me tell you: your porch is so pretty, that I know that many of us are jealous! (In a GOOD way! LOL!) So when you are stressed, get yourself a nice beverage and sit out there and be grateful for all that you have. :)
    Gloria xxoo
    P.S. I am, however, looking forward to future posts showing photos of your food that you make!! LOL! You know I always enjoy seeing food! ;)

  2. Welcome back! The house is shaping up. Your mother in law is a very lucky lady to have you taking care of her. Just imagine all the great meals she will have. Remember, one day at a time is all anyone is capable of.


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