Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Veggies From Our Garden

 Good Morning to one and all! We are saddened once again for our negihbors, their loss, and particular the loss of their loved ones. These are natural disasters, acts man can not control. Please know, you are in so many of our prayers and as we reach out to you in so many way, know your deeply loved by us all!

  It is so hard to post of good things in your life when you see so much suffering of others. So, I thought I would tell you about my garden. I didn't have a good one this year because of the lack of rain and not being able to take care of it as I normally do. My Mom, bless her, did what she could while we were moving, by harvesting what was there. She took the pictures, so I hope you can view them clearly.
The tomatoes are small, but they are sooo good!

The squash and beans are doing ok since the rain

The hot pepper is really growing. Louisiana Hot Pepper Sauce
to share with my sisters

Mom sliced up the bell peppers to get them ready for the freezer
I was stunned when I saw it...look closely at the front of the picture
that is a huge cucumber that grew underneath the tomato plants. We
both missed seeing it! Of course, I gave it to Mom.

There were 4 qt. bags, so I divided them between the two of us.

We had more harvesting of the beans, cucumbers and squash and Mom put them away in the freezer.
I thought I wouldn't have anything this year, but you know, I'm thankful for what we have, although it isn't a lot, it will be enough for the both of us.

 Hope you enjoyed seeing our harvest. Mom forgot to take pictures of the meal she cooked for us while we were working, but know, it was delicious! Hope your week is filled with peace and happiness. Until then...xoxoxo from Loretta and Family.


  1. You have lovely soon for my area, or do you have a green house. Thank you for you comment's I really appreciate the love and friendship.

  2. Wow, beautiful veggies...
    And yes, it is so sad so many people are going through so much hardship and I dare complain about a rainy day!! Bless all of them

  3. Good for you with all of your fresh veggies! Wish I had a garden like that!

  4. I'm so plants are just now going into the ground. Our soil doesn't warm up until around June 1.


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