Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Will You Love Me When I'm Old


  On this cold and crisp day, I went to my window to look upon my garden, but the beautiful blooms that were once there are all gone. They are now a memory of what once was. Their beauty gone, but certainly not forgotten!
  I thought about it for a while, and the memory of a favorite poem was called to mind. It was penned by an unknown aurthor; one of love...and truly a beautiful analogy here. Here's a few verses from it:

   "I would ask of you, my darling, a question soft and low, that gives me many a heartache as the moments come and go. Your love I know is truthful, but the truest love grows cold; it is this that I would ask you: Will you love me when I'm old? When my hair is snowdrift, and mine eyes shall dimmer grow, I would lean upon some loved one, through the valley I shall go. I would claim of you
a promise, worth to me a world of gold; It is only this my darling, that you'll love me when I'm old."
Although, those beautiful blooms have now faded, just as the lover in this poem grew older, my love for those flowers is forever lasting because of the memory of them, their beauty! Yes, I will love them even when they are fading and old!

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  1. Beautiful poem, Loretta. I have tears in my eyes. I think I might have heard this once before, very touching. On a less touching note, I can't wait for flowers outside! They just make everything so happy, don't they?


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