Friday, April 8, 2011

What's For Supper

  Good Eve Everyone. It's back to that same old grind, trying to find something to cook. I suppose you are wondering why I just don't head out to Micky-D's, or Kentucky, or out to dinner/supper.Well, that just won't do for me! I like home-cooked even if it is hotdogs!
  I use to eat out everyday until I learned some sense, and started to save a bundle! Too, we cut back on certain food and this reduced our grocery bill. Having a garden and putting food away for the winter helps to save even more.
  Today, I had fish in mind, but didn't want the sauces and other fixings. So, I ended cooking it Louisiana style...fried and good! I also fried tatar logs, and toasted bread is a given. Of course, I had to have my tall glass of cherry Dr Pepper! The jar with peppers to the left is Louisiana hot pepper sauce that I made last summer. It is Tabasco and fiery hot!

 I made an Apple pie and it ended up looking like a cobbler. But, let me tell you, it is the best one I've made! Always this way, right? LOL. I'm going to serve it later with a dollop of French Vanilla ice cream. (Blue Blue).
  Look out...I'm going to show my Creole heritage if I keep cooking like this! LOL.
Ah well, wish you were here!


  1. Wish I were there too! I had oatmeal and fries for dinner. Not because I don't cook great meals. I do. But I spent my grocery money on doll stuff so I'm eating what is available in the fridge.

  2. Wish, wish, wish I had a piece of that apple pie RIGHT now!

  3. Hey there. I saw you in my blog listing, with the word "Supper" in your post title, and I said, "Oh yeah, let me head on over to see what Loretta made now!" And boy, do I wish I were there too!! I love fried fish, and yours looks mmm, mmm, good! I'm not so sure about those hot peppers though!!!! ;)


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