Monday, May 26, 2014

What A Wonderful Day!

I can say this each and every day because with each day that dawns it is unique and certainly a Blessing!!
  Thank you for your beautiful comments and visiting with us. I am still at my old house sorting through the ash and giving away things to  neighbors when they ask. I feel so bad allowing them to take things, but if they can reuse any of it, I gladly invite them to take what they want.

  We have piles like this all over...this one is from the bottom of my tall cedar chest. Bedspreads bed skirts, curtains, sheets, etc., with the bottom of the pile being the worst. 
  I am determined to work until it it done, with God's help, so we can get it all hauled off. 
  At our home in the city we have also been working to make improvements. The porch was awful this Spring and it took me a long time to clean much pollen!

Remember this next project is to restain the rockers...they are looking very tired now.
I also have been checking into screening. I don't have much of a back porch and city codes doesn't allow me to erect a screened enclosure to use as a catio for my cats. I'm still trying even if it will be a screened gazebo...that would be okay. Below is a a picture of what I have in mind for the porch.

  It will certainly be nice for the three of them to spend their lazy days there plus, it has a Southern exposure, so it stays cool. What do you think?

Hey it has been a blast visiting with you all today and I hope you've enjoyed your visit here at "Our House" too!! Wishing You All A very Pleasant & Peaceful Day with Friends & Family!!!

Purrs & Hugs...

I'm going to sit on the porch with some fresh strawberries and a tall glass of ice cold tea. Wish you were here!!!


  1. Loretta you really know how to live! I am faithful you will have the old house in order soon. Cheers to another day of life!

  2. You mentioned the ash in your last post. Was there a did I miss this. Beautiful pictures.

  3. Good Evening Loretta. Strawberries on your charming porch sounds wonderful.

  4. Hi Loretta and James, I don't know how I missed your personal tragedy but I did. There was so much going on with us that I wasn't visiting or posting much and I was having puter probs. You are a wonder and my prayers and love are always with you.

  5. No doubt the cats would enjoy something like that!

  6. Oh, I love that porch it is beautiful and what a nice place it would be for all of you to sit and enjoy. Those strawberries look delicious, made my mouth water. : ) Hugs!

  7. The porch is lovely, Loretta, and sitting there with a bowl of strawberries sounds even better...Christine


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