Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Our Weather Woes

Good Evening,
  How are all of you this evening? I know the last thing you want to talk about would be the weather, right? However, I just wanted to let you are not alone! Why, it dipped way down here in the south and touched our tootsies too! Lol!!

This is at the top of our back steps looking down the very hard icy walkway...

The roof of the garage also had a sheet of ice. The Kitties were quite fascinated looking out of the windows. They ran from room-to-room as if trying to figure it all out.

The front walk was a sheet of ice...look to the top left of this pic and you'll see where hard rain made a track the night before. Believe me when I tell you...I am certainly not going out in that, especially since our lawn is on an incline! I can't afford to break anymore bones! Weather man says one more day of this... Schools have been closed and roads are lightly traveled... We're not showed in but, iced in!!!

Izzy is one of our new Kitties, another Tuxie. She loves the computer and commandeers it every morning because she knows I'm eventually going to use it. When I try to remove her, she claws and hang on to everything trying to stay in her spot...she's like a magnet drawing everything off the desk...

A better shot of her- Izzy

Of course, this is Miss Kitty, our first Tuxie... she is also my first Kitty could I have been without one in the house?

 Here is my darling Ino...she's the one who doesn't like to be bothered, and very territorial. She is settling in quite well...

I love her markings...can you tell? There are little drops & dots of black all makes her look as if she hung around an artist and her paint splatter on her. I tell you, through it all they have all been my saving grace. I couldn't have made it without my pets! Since I spoke of them I thought I would share them with you. 

  So, now you see you aren't alone in weather woes. Folks are saying we don't have long to wait before Spring... however, I don't really care because I know we will have to experience the other extreme in a little while. Oh well, what can I say or do but...DEAL WITH IT!!! Right?

I Wish You All Well and Hope You Are Coping with This Weather The Best You Can!! Keep warm dry and toastie...

Take Good Care... 


  1. Your kitty knows how to keep warm on top of the computer:-) I don't blame you for not wanting to walk outside with all that ice. We've been getting a lot of rain, but at least we don't have to deal with ice where we are. Be safe.

  2. This weather has been really hard on about everyone. I love winter but I am tired of it. Esp. the cold temps. We have had below freezing for 2 weeks. Two of my friends have fallen on the ice and have really gotten injured.
    Love your black and whilte kitties. They are my favorite. We lost our cat before Christmas. No more kitties for us. Loved the one we had. But my doggies Izzy and Piper light up my world.

    1. Hi Debby, That is some cold weather...hope your friends are on the safe, careful and keep warm!
      Hugs & Purrs...

  3. Boy old man winter doesn't want to leave in your part of the world Loretta!!! Very sweet kitties. Stay cosy xx

    1. Yes, it has been trying since we don't have this type of weather... I am staying inside! Thanks for stopping by...visit you on facebook!!!
      Hugs & Purrs

  4. Wow, you guys still have ice? That looks treacherous. Please be careful. So now you have three kitties and three dogs? Is that correct? I now have four dogs. I decided to keep two of the puppies. Talk about a handful.

    1. Hey Vanessa, I had a feeling you would keep the two you spoke of so affectionately! No, I have 2 dogs, my Poodle fave died in my arms after a seizure. The cats started with James getting Miss Kitty after surgery. The last two are mine from a young mother who needed to rehome them. Those puppies I know can be a handful, but you can't help loving them, right?
      Have a Great Weekend! Hugs & Purrs...

  5. Thanks for your sweet note. We've got real spring here today and I am so enjoying it. Hope you and James are doing well. Hugs across the miles.


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