Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Row-House Renovation

Hello Friends,
 We sure hope you all are well and, I just know you are so tired of the ice and snow but hopefully, Spring is around the corner for us all! 
  We have weathered the storm with the tragic loss of my son-in-law in the fire and trying hard to mend emotionally. We do have time & prayer to get us through it all... we are relying heavily on both.

  If I had a choice of styles in my favorite home it would be a Victorian. I just love the lines, colors and different styles. Their interiors are from a period in time that I've also admired. The rich wood; walls ceilings and windows with the period panes; and especially the pocket doors...they capture the warmth and grace of those old homes. 

  Look at these before & after photos of a nicely renovated Victorian.

Before... An ugly Run-Down Row-house...
  This classic Victorian row-house was in serious need of a rescue with its decaying exterior, old windows, chipped paint and overgrown landscape. But look at her below after a serious make-over...what a doll! 

After... A Beautifully Restored Row-house.
  What a difference! The row-house revival begins with the replacement of every window, a new coat of gray paint on the siding, cream on the trim and darker green on the accents. 
  New wooden railing & balustrades ascend the concrete and terrazzo steps and two new sets of columns support the portico.
  To perk up the lower level, a new garage was installed as well as attractive garage doors...featuring inset panels and arch top  windows that echo the curve of the classic bay window. 
  Overgrown bushes were removed and stacked-stone retaining wall keep the new yard tidy. I truly love this renovation... She might have looked a bit tired...but, she showed her bones were still very strong... What a beauty!
Wishing You All A Great Day...
Best of Wishes To You,


  1. I've been thinking of you and your family and pray that you will heal. The houses are lovely. Victorians are just so special. Sending hugs. Maggie

    1. Thank you so much Margaret...It will take time and Prayer to get through this gets easier day-by-day! Thank you for your concern it makes it much easier.
      Hugs & Love

  2. I'm so very sorry to hear about this tragic accident that took your son-in-law's life. I will keep all of you in my prayers. I love Victorian homes also, they call them the Painted Ladies in San Francisco. Looks like that's where this one is.

    1. Hello Betsy, thanks for stopping by and for your concern. It gets better, but this was such a tragic and horrific way to die. Scenes in my mind's eye are the hardest. It takes time and I have faith Prayers will continue to help. I'll be by to visit soon. Thanks again. XX

  3. I am so sorry. I didn't know about your SIL. How sad. (((((HUGS)))) and prayers.

    1. Thank you much Debby...this has been the hardest I've ever had to face.I know we aren't alone and there are those who have gone through worse. I have faith that we will survive this tragic loss. Prayer is my saving Grace....
      Hope you have been well...Thanks again...
      Hugs & Love


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