Friday, March 21, 2014

Good Morning

  Oh what a pretty day we have today...Everything speaks Spring! The air even smells of Spring... 
  Someone is burning leaves, lawnmowers can be heard and the smell of fresh cut grass permeates the air... Time for a nice long walk...I love it when the temp is just right and only a sweater is required... 

Daffs have already made their presence known and are so pretty in the beautiful sun rays! Yes-yes, Spring is definitely here!! 
  I so wish it would stay this way...but, no complaints now, I just want to savor and bask in the Glory Of Spring!!!

    Wishing you all A Beautiful Spring Day & Weekend!!!
Happy Spring Everyone & Best Regards,


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    1. Thanks so much...have a wonderful weekend!!!
      Hugs & Purrs

  2. We are having such a beautiful day here today but snow and back to the 30's soon. But we know it's almost over.........enjoy.

    1. Hi Debby, it will soon be all gone and then you'll have beautiful Spring weather!!! Thanks for coming by...have a lovely weekend!!! Hugs

  3. Replies
    1. Happy Spring again!!! Thanks for stopping by...Hugs

  4. Hi Loretta! Finally taking some time to browse through blogs... and I am very sorry to hear about the fire back in February. I hope your family is healing and I will definitely keep you all in my prayers as I know that the pain will never truly go away.
    We are enjoying the nicer days now that spring seems to be peeking from behind the clouds and dreariness! Thanks for an uplifting "springy" post! :)


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