Monday, January 28, 2013

A Thought Provoking Question

Most of the time, if not all, I can answer these questions with a spiritual answer. Simply put, it is the way I feel, think and reason on a subject matter.

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Deep thought provoking questions have an immediate effect on the mind once a powerful question has been introduced to the will immediately mobilize itself to find an answer.

Ralph Waldo Emmerson wrote, "When we arrive at the question, the andwer is already near."

  Today, let's start with a simple question...about your likes.

Tell us please: "What song always make you Happy when you hear it?"


  1. My favorite song these days is Tommy Edward's "Morning side of the mountain". That's right...I am a 50's music lover.

  2. September Grass by James Taylor.

  3. I love old songs and love "Oh What A Beautiful Morning" Sometimes I go around singing it especially in the Spring and my husband thinks I'm nuts...

  4. I love the song "Over the Rainbow" sung by Iz Kamakawiwo'ole . It always makes me smile!

  5. I still here my mom singing hymns as she did her chores around the house. I think it irritated me as a teenager, but when I hear her sing or humming a hymn now, it always puts a smile on my face.

  6. Almost anything Motown, especially "My Girl."

  7. No one song in particular. I can listen to music with or without words and within a very few minutes feel better and happy. Music to me is a great up-lifter of spirits and a great healer. Hugs


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