Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Camellias

Our 2013 Camellias, although had a hard time from the start because of the constantly changing weather, have faired well.

They are full of  large buds, and are holding on much better than last year. The back-to-back cold days really helps.
These shots are of the red and pink ones...I like them both.
  We had trouble with our sewage lines yesterday, and the plumber had to rip out three of my large pink azaleas bushes. The roots on them burst ( grew) down into the pipes, and it was a tangled mess.
I stood there cringing with tears in my eyes, when they came out of the ground. However, not to be out done, I went out to look at them and found most of the root system is in tact.
  I will be digging after the rain tomorrow to get them back in the ground. Hopefully I will be able to save them this time of the year with more cold to come.
  A nasty storm is pushing through and i have to shut down, fierce lightning!

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  1. Your flowers are so beautiful. So sad that the workers had to hurt some of the bushes. I hope your storm passes quickly. I think we are due for it tomorrow.

  2. Oh Loretta, what beautiful flowers! I don't think Camiellias grow this far north as our growing season isn't very long. I envy you! Oh, and sewer problems are the worst! Always an expensive endeavor. Have a great evening, jo

  3. your flowers are beautiful. We don't have any color up here in our neck of the woods. It's simply too cold for anything pretty to grow.
    Hopefully you can save those plants that had to be dug out.

  4. Your Camelias are gorgeous Loretta. Good luck with your azaleas. I hope they recover for you. I love them and mine are pretty hardy so you may be lucky.

  5. You have some really beautiful flowers. I hope you can save your azalea bushes.

  6. Your flowers are lovely. We had to dig up 3 of my azaleas early in the fall due to drainage problems near the house. I replanted them elsewhere and they are okay cause they are young plants. Our storms just passed through...stay safe!
    Farmhouse hugs,


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