Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My First Two In The Weekend

Dear Bloggers, 
Starting this weekend, two of my children...Carly my grand below will make it in!

And, Vonetta my second elders. They decided to fly in early in order to help me get ready for all the rest!

I have this boot on from the broken bone in my ankle area, in case you missed that post see:Update Here, and will have to wear it the entire time, Ugh!! I'm not too worried because the family... my sisters, Mom and daughters will be doing the cooking and helping where needed.
  I feel so Blessed to have such nice family around me. A little secret: Vonetta doesn't clean her own home so, I'm waiting to see what happens here. A little bird told me she's planning to hire someone to do the cleaning. I laughed-out-loud because she has always found a way to get out of housework!! 

James & I hope you all are having Pleasant Days and Good Health! Thanks so much for stopping by...You Are Always Welcome "At Our House"...

Blessings To You & Yours...

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