Thursday, December 5, 2013

Are You Prepared?

Dear Bloggers, Good Evening...I might have used the wrong greeting, please don't hold it against me...sometimes the words will not come...however,

  I know just as we will be experiencing horrible weather where we live so will you if you are in the line of might be getting it even now!!!

  Please take good care of yourselves, your family and pets. It is going to be bad out!! 

 With the weather predictions, forecasts some if not most, will be without power and all other daily necessities for a period of time. Dig in keep warm and safe don't take chances outside...  

             On Another Note:

If you haven't taken our poll yet, please is for an article I will be writing for the paper soon and I wanted to get your valuable input. It will be closing soon, so please take a moment to is very simple. Thanks for your help!!

Blessings To All...

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