Thursday, May 16, 2013


Come on in...I am so happy you have joined me today! I've been a little creative and thought I would share it with you. 

James always bring me these yummy cookies that I love with my special blend of coffee. Because they are a bit too sweet I can only eat two at a time, so they last a while.

Finishing this small tin, I had an idea to make it into something useful. There were a number of ideas...but I settled with it becoming a Treasure Tin. Painting the tin was the first step, drying took a while because of the weather.

                                                     Click on pictures to enlarge
Gathering all supplies and setting up a station, I was able to finish the tin quickly. I used craft glue to put the ribbon around the rim of the lid, then added a heart bead. 

I almost forgot, I had to buy the shells, I purchased them from Dollar Tree. I had all the other things I needed in my craft supplies.

It took a short time to arrange the shell and place the beads.
I was able to get a nice arrangement and used the hot glue gun to seal them there.  

The inside of the tin was painted too. I added some batting to give it height, a cutting of pink satin fabric and netting. 
Then, placed a few favorite pieces inside. 

I love the results. Although I have a jewelry box, I thought this would look nice in my room, or even the Bunny Room

Either room, this piece is sure to be a nice accessory. I think I failed to mention it, but I've named this tin, "TREASURES"

Thanks so much for coming by to visit...and to see my little Treasure Tin. Hope you enjoyed my little tutorial.
  Now, don't let this be your last time stopping by...something is always happening At Our House. You don't need an invite...just stop by any time...cause you are always welcome "At Home With Loretta"...


  1. It looks fabulous! The shells were a nice addition. I LOVE those cookies. I only eat them ever 5 yrs or so, but they sure are good.

  2. My husband loves those cookies, also. You are so creative and the treasure tin is gorgeous. A great tip.

    Hope you both have a nice weekend.

  3. Wow! So pretty and feminine! Great idea!

  4. Dear Loretta, I love this creation from a cookie tin. It looks beautiful. It really is beautiful. I love it. Blessings dear Loretta and my best to James. Catherine xoxo

  5. Hi Loretta, you are very creative my dear. The tin came out beautiful and I also love those cookies but I eat more than 2, lol...

  6. What a great idea, Loretta. It looks very pretty...Christine


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