Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More Photos - Now Of Our Lower Garden

  Hello all you good folks, I am so happy you are here with me today! I am still working on our Lower Garden and let me tell you it has been a chore. 
  I haven't changed my mind about doing the work yet, so far it is going smoothly. The number of rainy days helps me to catch my breath and also helps to divide the work into sections. Here's where I am at the present...

                                            Click on the pictures to enlarge
Coming off the porch to the left are the pink Azaleas shown below, now blooms are just about spent

Walking out on the walk the Camellia bush below has been trimmed and had to be supported. Looking down at the left bottom are the stairs to the lower garden. 

To the left of the stairs going down in the picture just below you can see where I've cleared out the roses and the ground-cover from the top of this wall. Looking across to the trees there is a lower wall. The ground-cover has been severely cut back to the lower wall. Can you see the city park/playground in the background?  It is just across the street from us

And, all the way up this lower wall I cleared, chopped and cut until the wall was showing. It will help us to decide if all the ground cover should go.

  The property just on the other side of this wall belongs to the neighbor. I don't expect it to be cleared, because all of that overgrowth was from their side...even a fallen tree, branches and bush. 

Driveway is now cleared of all the debris from the neighbor's. It might not look it, but yes, I did trim those huge Azaleas below.
  When we bought the house, their growth was even with the top of the wall below them. I trimmed thinking I'd made a difference. I was unsteady on the ladder so I stopped.
  Now, I have to wait until next blooming before I can tackle them again. That's okay, we'll just have another mass blooming next year!

 You can tell by the marks on the wall how much growth we had from the groundcover. The wall is cleared now as you see below to the stair back up to the main garden.

Notice the second and third steps...This happened when the gas well drillers were shaking the ground from their testing. Do you know what I mean? The terms escape me now...

  Now you can see the entire wall all the way down the drive. I still have work to do at that lower end near the street and the flower garden on that side. It will have to be replanted with other types, because the neighbor's trees and such is so overgrown, it completely shades this side of our lower garden. 
  I'll have to shop or, find seedlings...shade lovers. It will be too costly to redo the entire area, so I'll have to tackle this in stages also. 
  I just do not like the previous owners' ground is pretty color, but I like flowers...blooms or bulbs. I'm thinking seriously about taking some of my bulbs from the old home place; the soils are different...I'm not sure they will thrive here. 

  Thanks you so much for visiting and I sure hope you come back...after this long post. Sorry I got so long-winded!

Take Good Care,
Loretta xx


  1. You have done a beautiful job. So much work. Our yard is a terrible mess. We need help. I know what you mean.....but the term is not coming to me either....thacking....something like that. Didn't know it did that. It is coming to our are full force right now. DON'T wear yourself out. Hugs

  2. Beautiful, Loretta! Your porch is just SO welcoming! Love it!


  3. Not long winded at all. I loved the tour. Now promise us you won't overdo an hurt yourself!

  4. I'm tired just looking at all that work. You're doing a wonderful job. Come over here when you finish. My yard could use you.

  5. Looks good! Spring always brings a fair share of outdoor work. I enjoy it all though.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  6. Oh your yard is so neat, Loretta. I need to trim my camellia bushes too. They look so messy. Thanks for stopping by. I cried when Ricky died, lol....Christine

  7. You've sure been keeping yourself busy and all your hard work has really paid off. So charming and cozy!

  8. Dear Loretta, Your garden looks like you are doing good work.
    It is so nice to be able to work in the garden. There is a feeling of accomplishment to look at the results.
    I hope you and James are feeling good.
    Happy Belated Mother's Day. Blessings dearest. Catherine xoxo

  9. You are doing a terrific job. Looks so neat. I feel for you with neighbors who dont take care of their property. Perhaps when they see what you are accomplishing it will set them in motion. We have been out doing some yard work but with Bob having major surgery in Oct. it is slow going. It will come though.


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