Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Is Definitely Near

   Hello, I have missed visiting you all, and your visits too! We took a bit of time to do some Spring cleaning, rearranging, to bring in more light. Things do look a lot brighter, don't you think?

    I can't believe how awful our lawn looks! It is still very cold, too cold for start cleaning, clearing, cutting, pruning. You know, all that stuff that makes everything pretty; yet, it has to be done.

  Through all of this, isn't it wonderful how these beauties above can burst forth and display their awesome selves?
They were here back in mid-February. The Dogwoods also seem to have bloomed early this year.

Of course the Red Camellia did well, but sad to say, we lost our others. Too bad, because they helped us in winning a nice award for their perfect forms.

  The pink Azaleas are early this year too. If there is an Easter snap this year, we may have problems with these early bloomers.

  I' m going to continue to work out the kinks here on the blog. Nevertheless, we are back and will be visiting shortly.  
 We want to Welcome all who are new followers, and invite you to come and jump in anywhere...we certainly don't stand on any ceremonies...
Just plain simple folks carving out a simple life and living. If you're looking for this...well, you found it! Welcome...

Come on back to see us as often as you can...the door is alway open At Our House....

All The Best....
Loretta & James


  1. Welcome back Loretta. I have enjoyed your kitty site but have missed you and James and your daily activities. Hugs. LJ

  2. Hi Loretta. Thanks for stopping by once and awhile.
    It is cold here and snowing hard. I was going to say that there was snow on the ground when I just walked to the mail box. But, I looked out and it is snowing......hard. Spring will come soon, I hope.
    No flowers here. I did see some daffies peeking up through the ground. Our yard is pityful for sure. Hope you get the computer kinks figured out.

  3. Daffodils always make me smile.

  4. Welcome Back Loretta,
    For a while there I was not allowed onto your site. It said something about me not being a member or something. At any rate good to see you. :-)

  5. Your flowers are lovely. Our daffodils are gone but our azaleas are about to open up...Christine

  6. Oh what beautiful blooms Loretta...nature is amazing. I hope Spring hurries itself along for you. Congrats on your award.

  7. Your flowers are beautiful. It's a little chilly over here, too. I almost froze at the park today.


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