Friday, March 15, 2013

Decorating A Small Bedroom

It really bothers me when I have to fuss with a too small bedroom. Although I don't have this problem now, It was a chore when we lived in my Mom's home. Small bedrooms were the norm back in the day, whereas, kitchens and keeping room were given more square footage. The bedroom above was considered the second one in the house and measured 11 x 12.

That didn't give much room for a full set of furniture, huh?
Well, I found two ways to arrange things with just enough traffic area in this small room. This is one of them...

Walking into the room, the bed took center stage as shown. To the left, the dresser held this long empty wall. Pictures on the wall above a table was placed just inside the door...all on this left side with room to spare! Mirrors were placed too.

Now on the right side of the room, the night stand was placed  by the head of the bed and held books, magazines, etc.

To reflect images on either sides of the room, giving it a larger appearance, mirrors were placed on each wall. Images from them gave the illusion of more room. Not shown in the picture, on the left behind the other nightstand a large round mirror at floor lever.  
The shelf above and each item in this little vignette was placed to hide an electric-box that stood out as a blue eyesore.

On this same right wall, a double set of windows here, with tea stained lace curtains. I placed a table with a small lamp and a chair creating a reading area. Also, in each corner on either sides of the bed, I placed tall lamps, for lack of better words, so the beams lit and spread out on the ceiling! 
  The closet is on the wall next to the windows where you see the leaves from a plant, then the bedroom door is opposite the closet. 
   What makes this room functional are the arrangements and accessories strategically placed. Oh, did I tell you, the room's walls were dark paneling! Ugh! 
I painted a white white...this also opened the room much!

When you are given such a small room as this one, you work with what you have, using skills to balance your decor and arrangements. Wishing you a beautiful Friday filled with sunshine and hugs!



  1. Lovely room Loretta. I like the vignette and very creative hiding the electric thingy. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  2. It all look really nice. I like a small cozy room.

  3. Pretty ingenious! So many wonderful things about this little room. It reminds me of a miniature dollhouse room. Love those curtains.

  4. You have made that small room of yours, warm and welcoming. I would love to be a guest and use that cozy room.

  5. Great tips for opening up a small space. I guess you have that designing gift.


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