Wednesday, May 2, 2012

From My Garden

Good evening, how are you? Well, I certainly hope you are the best! I've been visiting today, but sorry to say I didn't get around to all...not to worry because I will get there soon. I have seen your post and have to admit, I have missed a number of creative ideas. But you know, I'm not worried because I can always go back and catch up on them, right?
  I thought I'd share some last of the crop pics of my flowers. They are no way as showy as my gardens from where we moved. When I snapped them, it had been raining, so they are showing a bit rain-soaked. The Azalea are actually late bloomers and adding color to our back yard.

Click on the pic to enjoy. As you can see, rain did damage to my little rose bush. I thought it would not bloom, since I planted it in February. Boy was I surprised! I had to pick it up from the ground, the hard wind blew it down.
  I am so disappointed with the way this new posting...I hate the frame. I suppose I will be changing again. As to my posting content, please bear with me as I search for fodder. The old gray-cells are a bit muddled since being away from posting. Hopefully, rest and a little recupe will change it.
  Wishing you all a Lovely Evening and a Good Night!

James & Loretta


  1. It doesn't take long to get behind with blogs. I know, I hate to miss any, I feel so lost when I have time to read again. Hoping all is well at your house.

  2. Hello Loretta, your garden is a delight with all the flowers and color. You truly have a 'green thumb' :) Glad the hubster is feeling better. Take care!

  3. Goodmorning Loretta, Your spring blooms are beautiful! All of our Azaleas have long stopped blooming - I actually need to prune some back!
    I hope you have a blessed day,

  4. Lovely flowers!

    Worry not about posting ideas. Just tell us, what you'd chat about, if we were sitting across the kitchen table from each other, having a cup of decaf. :-)))))))))

    Gentle hugs,

  5. Your flowers are beautiful! I spent the day in my backyard trying to revive it. I was away from it for so long, now I am trying to make it beautiful again. Thanks for the motivation.

  6. Hello Loretta,
    Hope all is well in your beautiful home front. We are still having rain and it should be gone by noon tomorrow. So much work to do and we all get so busy that it's hard to keep up in the blog world!
    Enjoy the weekend..

  7. Loretta,
    Your flowers look so pretty.
    Just popping by to say Hi!

  8. Your flowers are gorgeous, even after the rain. Catch up when you can, but take care of yourself and James first. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Your flowers are beautiful. I just WISH it would rain on MY flowers.:)
    Glad Mr. Loretta is feeling better.
    xo bj


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