Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Tuesday Pretty Ladies

And, you all are beautiful in my eyes! Good morning, what are you doing on this wonderful day...May 1st? Sure hoping it has gotten off to a marvelous start.
  It is now a warm 82 degrees in our neck of the woods and getting near 90 today. My patient is doing quite well, surpassing all the rehab goals and healing very well. I am so very proud of this because I thought I would have a task taking care of him all alone.
  I had a bad day Sunday and I stopped and did what I needed to take care of myself. I had the presence of mind to prepare a larger meal on Saturday, and he was to assist me with heating it. Trying to keep to this strict diet has been a chore because James has gotten his appetite back and the portions as he says, are making him very upset...they are too lite, and no salt to boot!
  One thing I really want to ask of you...when posting, how do you go back to correct a mistake? I had to delete the entire sentence to correct a word while reviewing? I am reall not liking this new thing, so if you see any mistakes, this is why!
  I was sitting on the porch, one of my fave past times and watching the clouds

I love how beautiful the sunrays shine through in the bottom photo. What an awesome testament of God's Glory! James sends his love and asked me to tell you you are wonderful!
  Let us know how you are spending this wonderful May Day?

All The Best to You,


  1. Happy May to you too. Glad to hear that James is feeling better, praise the Lord.
    I haven't had any problems with the new blogger maybe because I've been using it all along. Wish I had an answer for you.
    Enjoy the warmer days ahead.

  2. Last picture was awe inspiring. Please take care of yourself and feel better. Peace.

  3. I won't stay with the *NEW* Blogger stuff, until I HAVE to do so. So I can't help you, with your question.

    So glad you were wise enough, to stop on a bad day, and do what was necessary to take care of yourself! You just gotta' do this, my Dear.

    As to James and his complaining about his new way of eating... You tell him that "Auntie" sezzzzzz to hush up and just DO what he's gotta' do!!!!!!!!

    "Auntie" has been doing a lot of hard things, since her 3 stents.

    It's a matter of FEAR of a stroke, with me. I do think FEAR is a wonderful mobilizer!!!

    So you tell him that "Auntie" sezzzzzzzzzzz all this. And she won't hear of him giving you any trouble, about what you have to feed him!!! So there!


    And lots of hugs to both of you!!!

    "Among the changing months,
    May stands confest
    The sweetest,
    and in fairest colors dressed"

    ~James Thomson

  4. Dear Loretta, Stopping by to see how you are, and I am glad to read that James is doing better. I will continue to keep both you and James in my prayers. Don't forget to take care of yourself too!! Blessings my dear, your friend, Catherine xo

  5. Glad he is recovering well! Small portions w/ no salt would make me grumpy too ;-)

  6. Hi Loretta - So glad to know that James is doing better - I feel your pain with his not liking his new diet - Mountain Man is on the same diet since he had his stent a few months ago (complain, complain, complain!). As far as changing things on your blog - what did you want to change? I haven't had any problems editing my posts, but I'm not sure what you are doing. Anyway - if you let me know I'll see if I can help. LOL!


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