Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Sister's & Mom's Stitchery

Good Tuesday Morning Friends,

  Are you having a wonderful morning? I'm sitting here looking out of my window into a thick fog. It reminds me of TV programs I've watch that were filmed in England...pea soup! 
  I took the pets out to pottie and I could not see them! I was afraid they would get away and run to the front lawn. The street is very busy out front so, we don't allow them on the front unless it is on the porch. I was feeling very panicky until I got them safely back inside!
  I've often mentioned I am no good at sewing and the likes, maybe because I haven't tried, however, my #3 sister, Patricia (Pat) can do it all! Watching her work, I envy the skills, speed and creativity she possesses when making a piece. This doll's dress and hat below is one outfit that she finished crocheting quite easily and quickly. Then, the smaller ones she made afterwards. Aren't they darlings?
(Click on pic to see.)

The quilt on the bed was one of Mom's with all embroidery. I posted them when I first started to blog. Here are the pillows first, of her ladies, then, the pillows with the quilt.

We labeled them "The Ladies"

 The design is Ladies of different color with different flowers in blocks, as seen below

Then, back to the pillows again. There are five of us girls, no brothers and she made one lap quilt and pillow for each of us, in our favorite color.

This one is mine below in blue-n-white

Mom knew exactly what was needed. I curl up in my recliner often with my quilt and pillow, especially on those days the fibro decides to visit. I even use it during the summer when Hubster cranks up the AC!
  Sewing is definitely not my forte, but in my family, as I'm sure you all can attest, each one have different abilities. In God's Almighty Wisdom, He made us to need each others creativity. Therefore, we are not inept, but we are inter-dependent, right?
  This is exactly what I see/feel when I view your creations! No two are alike...variety is pleasing to the eye!
  Whatever you create today, I know your project will be pleasing to our eyes! Don't worry if it isn't perfect...are we?

Have a wonderful and sparkling week! 


  1. Your sister is quite a talented lady, wish I had learned to crochet. You're so lucky to have such a special quilt made especially for you. Love your mom's quilt and pillows too. My mom made all of us our own special quilt. I'll cherish them forever.

  2. Wow, your sister sure has talent with the needle. I'm like you..can't make it work at all..I also dont try either..thread, yarn, patterns, needles just dont do it for me..but, I love everyone's elses work and can see they do have is a gift..

  3. Gorgeous quilts your mom made and those pillows are so sweet. How special they are and to be treasured. Love your sisters dolls too. Good job on those dresses.

  4. You are so right, be it crafts, cooking, or gardening, or anything else, we all have our gifts to share with each other. The quilts and dolls are so lovely. Cherish them.

  5. Your sister did a great job on the dolls and I love the quilts with the stitched dolls.

  6. I used to do some things, but I don't do crafts, now. And that's ok.

    Maybe some day, I'll take up something again. Or try something new.

    I feel it's fine for us to be individuals. It's super for us to be individuals. :-)

    Other wise how boring it would be. :-))))

    Some day you will be old enough
    to start reading fairy tales again."

    ~ CS Lewis~

  7. Dear Loretta, What beautiful creations. I had dolls just like the ones you show. My grandma taught me how to crochet when I was little.
    I do believe that the Good Lord gave us each a talent for us to build on. It is up to us to nurture it.
    Blessings my dear, Catherine xo

  8. Everything is so nice from the dolls to the quilt. Such detail in the stitchery, very crafty!


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