Saturday, February 4, 2012

Good Saturday Evening

  Hope you are all having a spectacular Saturday! It has been raining since Friday here and the forecast is still more rain! That's okay with me, because a cold front will move in shortly, and I'll be snug as a you know, cold is not friendly at all to me. lol.
  I've mentioned before how much I dislike take-out, so I looked through some old recipes of mine and cooked for us. Because I am trying out recipes neither of these dishes are compatible, however, I can refrigerate...there is always tomorrow, right? 
  First up, a casserole dish I made while living in Florida, "Chicken Continental". It is filled with chicken, rice, mushrooms, french-cut green beans, etc. 
  Because it contains so many ingredients, I consider it a meal...all that's needed is salad or, fixings and maybe dessert. This is exactly what I served together. (Click on pic to enlarge.) Enjoy!

The casserole is really good...there are red and green peppers, celery and onions. The broth from the chicken   keeps it from being too thick.

I always take more pictures at different angles, so you can see the dish.

Truly, this is a delicious dish and having a full tossed salad with it is quite filling. The bread crumbed topping takes care of the bread.

These are decadent chocolate, walnut filled crepes`. I added peaches warmed and cooled in their own juice with a whipped topping. Then, garnished with zest and chopped walnuts. If it sounds far-out, that's because I made it up as I went along. It is very decadent and delicious.

I suppose we have to try putting a spin on old recipes...just as we do everything else...especially if we are having trouble finding meals to prepare for the family. It has almost become a chore for us. What about you...are you having problems with deciding what to cook?
  James and I sure hope you are well and spending some quality time together. We wish you a Super Weekend too!

   Thinking of you,           
  James & Loretta


  1. Your recipe looks great. I have been slack on cooking and need to get going again. Have a wonderful evening.

  2. I think you need to become a professional chef:-) Ooh, that looks delicious.

  3. Loretta, I ate a while ago and now you're tempting me with all that food. Now I'm going to the kitchen. For sure!

  4. YUM! I always find it hard to cook for just the 2 uf us.. So much easier when there is 8 or 20 to feed!

  5. We used to make out a menu before we shopped for groceries each week. Now, it's just the two of us and with my husband retired-and I don't work-he is all about the cooking and baking. He will eat and make just about anything. I'm glad cuz I am so sick of cooking.

  6. Yummy!!!! Those crepes would be totally dangerous at my house!!!:))

  7. Mmm, These all look so good, Loretta....Christine

  8. YUM, I like this recipe and those sliced tomatoes look so fresh on the plate. The meal was topped off right with the crepes. You are a fabulous cook!

  9. Loretta, The food looks amazing, the recipe sound so yummy. Thanks for visit my blog and leave a sweet comment. Can't wait to see your antiques too. Hugs, Eve

  10. The casserole looks good. The crepes look delectable! When I went grocery shopping, I decided each month I would buy something that I had no clue about and I would learn about it and cook it. This month I bought chayote. I have no clue what it is yet. You would be proud of me. I have been cooking up a storm and doing very well at it. Once I threw the recipe books to the wind, I was a much happier cook.

  11. Sometimes I'm full of cooking ideas then it seems like everything sounds yukky! Yours looks yummy however, and that dessert is so pretty and it looks like it would taste amazing. Serving it on those pretty plates makes it more fun!


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