Wednesday, August 15, 2012

At The Office...

You are the President of this advertisement company sitting at your desk working on a presentation, when... "SOMETHING"catches your attention...

Well, you know I had to ask James what he would do. He said very loud, "Call maintenance!" 
  "Call maintenance?" I ask confused. "For What?" 
  "Come put out the!" He shouted. 
Heheee, I am still laughing because he was so serious and then started to laugh that funny laugh! But, he was very clear, she had no place in an office dressed like this, jacket or not!

Putting all jokes aside:

What would you do if this was the "SOMETHING" walking into your business dress this way? Her excuse for her manner of dress was, "This is my casual Friday outfit. See, I have my jacket!"

Pic courtesy of Bing


  1. That is funny, Loretta. I wouldn't know how to react f I saw that....Christine

  2. It wouldn't be up to my standards, even if it were casual Friday.

  3. I would be embarrased for her for sure and a little sad for her because she feels she has to go to those extremes to get attention. Obviously, I wouldn't like it either though. :(


  4. Wow, casual Fridays sure have changed. What is my role? Am I the boss/supervisor? If so, she is immediately brought into the office and explained that even casual Fridays has standards. She would be asked to go home and dress up to the office casual standards.

  5. That is not casual. She confused casual with nearly naked.


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