Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Pleasant Day

Has today been a good one for you? Sure hope so...

  I was sitting here with Miss Kitty, talking to her; knowing she will not answer me back with words...but her meows, I'm assuming were meant as...yes...at least that's the way I took them! Now, don't laugh, because I read somewhere, I can't remember where, that the more you talk to cat's the smarter they are, is this something you can believe? It could very well be true...I felt my Ashley understood just about everything I said to him. 
Any-hoo, this is what I was mulling over:

  James and I were watching a CD that I burned of: The Three Stooges, Curly, Larry, Moe...oh, I know...laugh if you must, but...I don't know if my laughing was from watching them or, hearing James laugh so hard. (His laugh is so funny and, contagious.) I was laughing so hard until I was in tears and couldn't talk...we were both on the floor laughing; it was hilarious and so much fun! 

What were you doing the last time you really had a good laugh?


  1. Sorry if you see this post twice :/
    Just wanted let you and your hubby know how we all look forward to your posts....keep posting on your blog please....God bless. Carolyn

  2. My dog understands at least ten commands. She can tell my mood while I talk to her.
    She even understands when I point to things. I just read about that and said," hey my dog does that! lol

    I laughed a few days ago with one of my children. We have the exact same sense of humor so it just takes one or two words to get us going. LOL

  3. Well it sounds crazy when we talk to our pets but we all do it and yes they respond...just not in words.
    Did you watch the new Stooges movie?
    I heard it was good!

  4. I was watching Smitty run around.

  5. No Jessica we haven't seen it. I doubt if James would count any others as the originals because it is Curly that he likes the most! Thanks all for your great comments...we love them!

  6. Jason has a contagious laugh like that. He actually stopped a show with the people on the stage laughing at him one time. And he did the same getting everyone's attention below us at the movie once. It's funny (and sometimes embarrasing especially to the kids)! lol! We laugh alot and I think it's good for your health! :)


  7. I do believe this about animals.

    Love the old time comedy ... sure can't find it on TV anymore.

    Have a great week ~
    TTFN ~

  8. Tammy this is too funny! Everyone around hubster says and do things just to get a laugh. My Sisters and their kids live away, and when we get together at gatherings they always want uncle James there too. They always say he makes everything fun! Thanks for sharing with us!


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