Saturday, April 7, 2012

Your Comments are...

So welcomed, and deeply appreciated!

Words fail me now, so I'll speak to you with flowers to  "Thank You"

And share with you the beauty of God's Majestic Creations here of Earth

                        And Above!

May you have peace and tranquility, and your hearts are filled with love, happiness and peace for your fellowman...From our house to yours'!
 James sends his regards, too! He is resting comfortably today. Please know, we couldn't do this without you!

Loretta & James


  1. Dear Loretta, I'm keeping James in my prayers and sending hugs to you across the miles.

  2. Wishing you a blessed holiday and a wonderful Spring! Maggie/Maggie's Lil' Fixins

  3. Loretta, thanks for the beautiful words of inspiration. Have a wonderful Easter!

  4. Hey you two, cherish the renewal of heart and soul during this Easter Season. Happy Easter. (Bunny ears are the best!!!)

  5. Dear Loretta, I will keep both you and James in my prayers. I promise.
    I hope that you find comfort in this Easter.
    Blessings my dearest. your friend, Catherine xoxo

  6. I am so happy is resting comfortably!
    Happy Easter!!

  7. Thinking of you both.
    By-pass isn't great news but it sure is better than hearing that they can't help him at all. No one wants to go through all that but it will be worth it. It's been 7 years since my Dad had his by-pass and he's doing great. Scary to have to think about but so worth going through it because without the surgery my Dad would probably not be here today.


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