Monday, February 20, 2012

Our Supper

Good Monday Morning, 
  We sure hope all of you are well and having a wonderful day! I was visiting Mom yesterday and didn't get the chance to post, "Our Sunday Supper". So, I thought I'd do so today, nothing showy just plain fare with a little dessert. 
  I made up a batch of meatballs, something I haven't done in a while but, instead of using beef, I used Owen's pork sausage, then paired it with a starch and veggies. 

                                                                          (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

 I like taking shots with different positions of the plates

Our dessert is homemade Cherry Pie

Yum Yum, doesn't this look good!

This crust was so flaky

A you can see in all the shots, Hubster-got-there-first! He's just itching for me to go to the closet for my shotgun!

But, thanks to all you gals out there, I've been holding off

 But, that old boy has been asking for it for a long time! I'm restrained, I'm cool...for now!

  Yeah, nothing pretentious, but our supper was mighty tasty!  I'll give you my recipe of the meatballs in a later post. 
  Hubster is home today, and I'm still exercising restraint, we are going to try to spend some quality time together, I hope! We sure hope you get the chance to do so too! Happy Monday to you all.

Best to All, 


  1. Oh my gracious, that all looks "delish". Especially dessert.

    Have a lovely and calm day.


  2. YUMMMMMMYYYYY! I made a big ole batch of meatballs last week myself. They are so versitle and handy to freeze.

  3. Loretta, I'm tempted to come off of my diet after looking at that cherry pie. I can almost taste it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh please set a place for me Loretta!

  5. It sure looks tasty!
    Hope you enjoyed the day together.

  6. Happy Monday to you, Loretta. The supper looks delicious. I have not made mama's meatballs with rice in a long time....this has reminded me of how much I love those! That pie makes me hungry. Have a restful evening.

  7. The meat balls look good, but let me at the pie. I'd love a piece with a cup of coffee. Be right down for supper!

  8. Loretta, you are the best cook and baker. A delicious supper and the cherry pie topped it off.

  9. Gosh, I haven't had cherry pie in ages. Wish I lived closer. Everything looks delicious.

  10. Oh my that pie looks delicious, Loretta! What a lovely supper! You are making me hungry already this morning and that's not a good thing so early in the day! :)

    Have a great day!


  11. I missed Sunday dinner. Well this one anyway, but as you know my ex-hubby was feeding me that night so I guess I was still in la la land and missed this post. Dinner looks really good! Nice and healthy.


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