Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Kitchen Dilemma

Oh, I'm not complaining about my kitchen way, because I know that somewhere, somehow, someday I will get them done the way that I want them. You see, I had the nasty habit of wanting and wanting it my way...this was bad because of my demanding nature. But, as I grew older, and wiser I might add, I have learned what it means to be patient with a little bit of humble-pie thrown in for good measure. It saves my health, mentality and suffering from excruciating pain, just to name a few!
  Personality changes, putting on the new and I am an entirely new person! I said all of this to get to this point...My cabinets need a make over! I have always been the one to tackle all of the decorating from painting to just about anything. Alas, I am down for the count...that is, I can't do this type of physical labor anymore!
  Hubster wants to hire painters, but I've experienced the work of our local painter, if you know what I mean! Let me show you what I mean about the inside of them. 

 They are so roomy...deep and tall. But the wear and tear on them shows.

I want to redo them all in white

However, the eat-in kitchen is large with nine feet ceiling. The white will certainly open the kitchen more. They are high quality, but years of use, have beat them up. The previous owner of the house took very good care of the entire house, and the house only had one occupant...I love everything about it, but it does need some updating.

As you can see here, the cabs are deep. My granddaughter, Carly told me I had my can good lined-up like a deranged husband on a movie who wanted his wife to do this in their kitchen. I forgot the name of the movie. Didn't hurt me, because it is order to me!

See the inside of this one...easily fixed...if only I could get my hands on it!

I have so many sets of dishes that I've collected over the years...and yes, I use them...whatever strikes my fancy for any given occasion

  I suppose I will relent one day, but for now, I'm just going to live with them. There is no reason to get upset about them...I can't change it now but, I look forward to the day I will allow the change to happen.
 James is home again today...he had test to be done at hospital, and decided to stay home afterwards. He's tired, I know and so am I! It has been a long morning...I'm resting after I get this posted. Forgive my mistakes, if any. James sends his love to all and wanted me to say he's missed you! 
We wish you a very good day and a pleasant evening!
James & Loretta


  1. Oh Loretta...
    Find a way to get them painted!
    When we moved into our farm house the kitchen cabinets were the first thing I painted. The were in really good shape, but dark and dingy looking. I tackled it one section at a time and it took 3-4 months, but what a difference! Take a look:

  2. Hi Loretta,
    Hello to James too! I know what you mean about wanting something RIGHT NOW! When I get a thought into my brain to change something it won't be dismissed until it is done..But cabinets are a big job even if it looks easy on TV..If maing changes were easier and cheaper, I would be changing my home all the time..I love updates...LOL!

  3. Good luck getting them done. I know what it's like to want it done, know you used to do it, and now have to figure out another way. I need to get my countertops done. My cabinets also need painting. Oh, let's not get on the yard work that needs to be done. I FEEL YOUR PAIN! Hello James.

  4. They will look so pretty and fresh painted white, Loretta....Christine

  5. I can completely understand the dilemma. I think all white would look nice, but if there's not a necessity, no need to rush :). I hope you get some rest!

  6. I hope you get your wish very soon. It would make such a difference in your kitchen. Say Hi to James for me.

  7. Good Evening to you both!

    One year ago, we had our "yellowed" white kitchen cabinets painted a very, very pale green with the walls a slightly darker green. The painter actually sprayed both the inside/outside of the cabinets, making for a flawless, smooth finish with no brush marks. By painting the interior, they are so much lighter to find canned goods. You can see my kitchen at a post called "One Year Later."
    Hope you both get a good night's rest.

  8. Loretta, just wanted to come by for a minute. You know my husband put our old kitchen cabinets out in the garage on the wall and it looked so good to have junk put away out there. One day we heard a loud crash. He had over packed them and the backs stayed on the wall that was all. Back to the mess. Oh well. Pat

  9. Me too, I'm not totally in love with our kitchen cabinets. But I just can't get into figuring out what to do about them. :-) For me, it's easier to just look-past-them.

    Actually, they are relatively new. But when we were doing the kitchen re-do, I was sick and not up to doing all the picking out of things. So I didn't "get" what I now wish I had.

    But, they are fine. I can imagine them, with the *exactly* right finish on them. -grin-

    Best of luck to James, on his testing. And hope you both got some needed rest.

    Gentle hugs...

    "The only stupid thing about words is the spelling of them." ~Laura Ingalls Wilder

  10. I've ALWAYS wanted a white kitchen too. My cabinets are ugly to me. Your storage space looks great. Hope your project eventually gets done!

  11. I feel the say way at times Loretta ~ I too have learned to wait & wait. :) I like the idea of them being painted white. Sounds like a good plan.
    Hugs Rosemary...xoxo

  12. That's the 1991 movie, Sleeping With The Enemy, Julia Roberts....a FANTASTIC I gotta rent it and see it again. :))

    Call that painter man and get those cabinets WHITE...he surely can handle WHITE...and life's too short to not have WHITE cabinets.:)))

    Hope James' test turn out ok.

  13. good luck getting your kitchen done! We just bought our house last year and we have a very small amount of space. I'd love to have the space and depth you have!!

  14. I agree with MarmePurl - paint them! We painted the ugly faux wood cabinets we had in our trailer white and it really brightened things up.

  15. Dear Loretta, I know what you mean. There is always something in need to be done. Either it is too physically challenging, to expensive or am just too tired to begin.
    Please don't get yourself too tired. Just enjoy them and do what Scarlett O'Hara from, Gone With The Wind, said in the movie, "I'll worry about it tomorrow". It works for me.
    Blessings my dear friend, Catherine xoxo


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