Thursday, February 16, 2012

Now Hear This!

  I am so afraid this morning! "Of what"? you may ask. Of losing all my friends that are like family to me...sniff-sniff...I'll explain.
  Google friend connection will go away on February 29th. Rumor has it that it is being phased out for everyone soon! However, there is good news!  Linky followers, and here's the link:  to the rescue and is an awesome tool!
  It has so many amazing features. If you have not signed up, please, please do so before the 29th! If not, all of you following me and those of you I'm following will be lost to the other!  I don't want to lose not one of you...I've grown so close to are like family to both of us!
  Some have changed over, but most of you have not! It is super easy to join and did I mention it is FREE! You will love the fabulous features that it has to off and wonder why you hadn't changed over sooner!
  The link above takes you directly to the dashboard, no dozen clicks to get there! I'm sure when you view the blog directory you will find a large number of your friends there, because they are adding blogs daily and fast! Please sign up before you lose your friends connection. I need don't leave me!
  After cooking all day, I was so beat I just couldn't visit you last evening however, Hubster got his supper! I'm coming back in a while to visit but now, I have to tend my fur-babies...they all came into the kitchen at the same time ready for their day's routine! 

Wishing you all a fabulous day! Until then...


  1. Thanks for letting us know sweetie, read something about this Linky thing but wasn't sure what it was.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Thank you, Loretta ~ I will look into this!!

  3. Thanks for the info. I am going to get set up now. Hope you are having a good day. Love your little sweeties there. I wish I could get me another maltese.

  4. Loretta,
    This is my first visit to your blog and I am so glad I stopped by because I needed to know about this follower problem. I'm going to go check it out now!

  5. I don't use Google Friend Connect, so you won't be lost to me, and I don't think I will be lost to you. Here is what I copied concening Google Friend Connect.

    "On November 23, 2011, Google's Senior Vice President of Operations Urs Hölzle announced that Friend Connect will be retired for all non-Blogger sites by March 1, 2012, and encouraged Google+'s pages and off-site Page badges as the preferred alternative[4]."

    I have a Blogger site so nothing should change.

  6. I didn't have a clue about the linky thing and can't find any info on it. Can you tell me where you heard it or how you found out?

    I'm going to follow you on linky!

    Thanks so much Loretta! And thank you for your sweet visits to my blog!


  7. What about the links I have on my sidebar to my friends blogs? Will I loose that too? I have been getting invites every day to lindkin but ignored them...didn't know what it was all about so I didn't accept any..guess maybe I should have. I didn't even know some of the names and today I get an invite to connect to my daughter. What will be ruined for us next. Blogging and reading all my blogger friends posts is the highlight of my evening. :(

  8. Thanks for the heads up - i didnt know about this Scarlett x

  9. I am here, lol... Cant get follower pics into my blog though. LJ

  10. more blogging worries. bahhh-humbug.

    i have my own links to the blogs, i follow, in my own private blog... just for that. i call it "my little posse" and like i said, it's private. but i can access it and from there, i see new posts.

    can't really be bothered with any of the other various ways to *follow.* they keep changing... -pout- so i have my own way. :-)

  11. My understanding is that Friend Connect is not going away for Blogger sites--so you can breathe. I am NOT sure how it will affect those who follow with Wordpress, though.
    I guess I'm going to have to check it out despite my desire NOT to change anything!
    Hugs and a happy day to you!


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