Friday, February 17, 2012

More Information On Linky

  Morning Ladies, Some of you have questions still about this new tool. I have an appointment this morning and am leaving this information with you  for now, so you can get a few answers to your questions.
  I'll get back with you once I come in. Here are some links that I used to get started with this, and where I heard about it. Because our Friends Connection will eventually be phased out altogether, I decided to make the change now in its early stage and get it done and out of the way.  
  The President of Linky followers is Brent Riggs...this is his site:  He, along with a number of women
bloggers who went to him with this, formed this tool free to other bloggers. This is one of  the major players with Brent...Cheri at
  With Linky you will meet more bloggers and have more blogging friends through it. If you have more questions, maybe leaving a comment on Cheri's site or Roeshel at: asking for information, you will get more answers. I have given links directly to their post concerning the start of this.

  I'm sorry to be so abrupt, but I have to get dressed for my Doc's appt. I'll  get back with you. Leave a comment with me if you found answers to your questions, etc. Remember, your friends connection will eventually be phased out and what they have to offer in it's place is not a sure thing...So you have to make the decision! 


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  1. I'm loving the linky followers and hope more people will start using it. Good luck at the doctor and have a great weekend :)


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