Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Need 6 More Friends

Yes, that's all we need, 6 More To Reach 100 Followers! Come on now, I know you stop by...why not stay a while and join us...become our follower! Just click on the join icon and follow the directions.  That's all you have to do. We'd love having you here!

"Yeah, come on over so I can check you out! Do you have kibble-snacks...well bring some for me...I'll be waiting at the door. And make sure you knock and wipe your feet. I don't like humans tracking up the floor, meow"!  Now, Jasper, don't be mean...be nice to our blogger-friends!

Don't mind him he's a little protective of me and the blog. Thinks he owns it and me!

  Remember friends, only 6 more and we'll be at the 100th mark! And, Jasper and the other babies are helping me to pick out some really nice goodies for the giveaway! 
"Yeah, I picked out some cool kibble-snacks for ya...come back to see me...oh, us, meow"! 

That cat...always want center stage. LOL! Have a good rest of the week!  Luv
    Loretta and Jasper


  1. Oh, I hope you get your friends soon! How fun to be so close :-)

  2. I wish I could help you, Loretta but I am already a follower. You'll reach 100 in no time. Good luck!...Christine

  3. I bet you are excited about reaching "100 followers" and I'm sure you will get there. Best wishes!

  4. Oh, now you only need three more! Well, I'm already a Follower, so I will say a prayer to St. Anthony to find you some more!
    P.S. OK, I said the prayer, let me know if it works! ;)


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