Sunday, September 25, 2011

Good Sunday Morning!

Hello, hope all is well with you and yours'. I was out on the lawn early this morning and found these beauties down on the back side of the property. I am ashamed to say I haven't ventured back there yet because it is so overgrown and I was afraid of what I would encounter. I went to the edges, and peeked over in there and was amazed.
  It is evident this was once a beautiful secret garden! When the weather changes and gets colder, then, I will try to start clearing out the debris. Louisiana has the dreaded water moccasins here and these are deadly snakes. I give them all due respect and stay out of their way, especially since these is a small creek running back there. They are beautiful lacy flowers.

I'm so happy all the overgrowth wasn't captured in the photos. I had to push the camera through the thick of it, then stoop down to get the shots, but it was worth the effort. The floor of it is almost free because of the dryness and lack of rain.
 This last picture, these flowers were growing around this tree. I don't  know the name. Can you help me out? They are in several places, seemingly around a bush or tree. I love this space and will definitely keep you posted when I start the clearing out process.
  Wishing you a grand day, and hope your time together today for worship is also.
Love to you all!



  1. Your garden is looking pretty, thanks for sharing the photos :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Greetings, Loretta! I haven't visited in a while and am happy to see you are enjoying your new house and finding new treasures like a hidden garden! I don't know what those little flowers are, but they are adorable. Enjoy getting your secret garden in order and please watch out for those snakes!!!

  3. These Sept. lilies are really beautiful, Loretta. I just posted about them yeterday too. Just like you, I am terrified of snakes. Yikes, we saw 3 snake skins last month in our yard, one of them was a rattler and 1 live one. I stopped gardening for a while, lol, but now I started back....Christine

  4. Neat to find a hidden garden. Cant wait to see what you make of it. But yes be very careful of snakes. That would not be pleasant to run into. Hugs, LJ

  5. Lovely lacy flowers. I wish I could help you with the name of those under the tree - probably something native to the area. I love a secret garden!

  6. 26, 2011 at 12:43 PM

    Hello Loretta,
    Love the flowers. They are called something like "pin cushions". I saw similar ones in Hawaii. Thanks for all the encouraging and positive comments you make on my blog. You make blogging fun!

    Your friend
    Karen Maggie

  7. My parents live in E. TX so I know how dry it has been. To have little flowers pop up like that is amazing. I'm scared to death of snakes too! Be careful!


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