Friday, June 3, 2011

I Just Had to Share These

This is the second post today.
  Knowing me, I had to mess it up again! LOL. I forgot to include the most funniest in my garden. You see, I got into my mind that I was going to build something. So, with the help of some 2x4's, nails, some paint and a lot of grunts, banged fingers and a whole-lot of fudging, I put together these funniest pieces!

  We came up with who(my neighbors and I) would create the funniest built objects for their yard. I never back down from his challenges. Whereas, he built a cute and small run-of-the-mill birdhouse, I had to go way out with my creations! So, this is what I built.
  Ashame, maybe...but I displayed them with all the pride I could muster. They turned out to be the funniest, because each time they were seen, there was laughter...too much laughter, if you know what I mean! But, I took it in stride and wouldn't you know it...the squirrels love it!!

  The bench was simply done with 2x4's and I painted on some wording and crude flowers! But, the funniest was the squirrel feeder. I had to think about how it would stay hung on the tree and how they would get into the top of the box for goodies (it had to be raised). As you can see, I did it and then added a little shelf for them to sit and feast. Peanuts, corn and acrons were added to the box, and folks let me tell you, I had a ball watching those little buggers! You would think they wouldn't have know how to open that box, but with three trying, one figured it out, and that was history!
Yes, I'm going to move it to the new place. I've seen these poor scrawny ones here in the city limits scrounging, so I'm going to help them out! Who would have ever thought these misfit pieces could bring so much fun and never know! I'll try to get shots of the squirrels. Thanks for visiting and come back for more of my....

 Have a Good Day and Weekend. Hugs all around!


  1. Thanks for sharing Mrs.Loretta very cute!

  2. Thanks so much for checking out my blog! It means so much when someone takes the time to comment on a post!

  3. Thanks for leading me to your blog, I love it, and wish I had a way with words as you do. But I try. Hugs back!!!

  4. Loretta what ya' got all those fat books with big words for? There's some 'light' reading! LOL
    Oh and I love your dogs, I have a Yorkie that I got because at 13 she needed a place to go to live out her last few months. That was FIVE years ago. Since then 3 other pets have died.... my Vet tells me she will probably outlive me. great.... anyone want a Yorkie left to them in my Will?

  5. I'm your newest follower. Thanks for being mine.

  6. The bench is so cute! And I love the squirrel feeder too. Maybe if I built one, they wouldn't mess my bird feeders....Christine


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