Friday, June 3, 2011

My Garden In Full Bloom

This is my FIRST  POST for today!
It is already hot this morning here in Louisiana...82 degrees with temps going into the 3 digits today...102 degrees! I had to water my lawn and flowers and they finally started to bloom...I just can't leave them there to die out, so I've decided I'll end up with two gardens to care for. These pics today are from the (west) other end of the lawn. Having acreage like this lawn was hard to plant and care for, but what beautiful results!
  Are you ready for a walk? I must warn you, they aren't the best because of the drought conditions here, but they will offer a little bit of beauty to you this morning. Enjoy!
Glad you stopped by to visit. Come again to see what we have for you to see next! Happy Day to All!

Kayla loves the sun-drenched perennial garden

This is from the butterfly bush. There were only two blooms, but very pretty.

The west hydrangeas were actually beautiful this year

The Rose of Sharon tree would be in full bloom by now, but there were only a few this year

The Lantana were ok, but the pink ones didn't make it!

The geese weren't too happy this year in the perennials

Bees are certainly loving the hydrangeas. I have to be very careful.
Another shot of the geese, and an orb in the garden

Yes, these are my hardy glads. I love them. They have really made a statement in the garden!


  1. Hi Loretta~
    I love hydrangeas! It feels so good just to rub your hand over them - they are so soft! 102 degrees in Louisiana?! Whew! I spent many summers in Alabama and ohhh, the humidity!
    Stay cool!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. Beautiful photos Loretta! :)

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. Actually, I *do* know how to braid...I just haven't figured out how to wrap it around my head and pin it how I want it, yet, as an up-do! :o)

    I hope you have a lovely weekend and thank you,so much for visiting me!

  3. Hi, Loretta! I love the Rose of Sharon and the Hydrangea! Sorry about your drought. This is such a strange year - everything is backwards! We usually have what you would consider drought conditions and instead we have all your rain!! It's beautiful here this year, as far as being green, but our drought tolerant plants didn't flower much with all the rain. Hmmmmm..... strange indeed!


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