Monday, March 7, 2011

My Dreary Garden

Have you even seen such a mess! I can't believe it myself. And to think, this is where I had the most bountiful garden last year. Yeah, I know you are laughing, especially wondering why the plastic jugs. Well, if you must know, the jugs were there to protect my food! The rabbits were eating  more than we were!
  I'm not a cruel person, but I about had it with those little critters! Imagine a full grown woman, crying like a fool and running rabbits out of her garden with a stick. Lord what a sight, especially when I fell and my backside was displayed to the busy highway in front of our house. When I heard a car horn blasting and some yelling...well, that did it! I set those jugs up on stakes, and put a motion light up on the side of my house. Sitting at my window at night armed with a cherry soda and a pb and j sandwich, I watches as them little suckers ran...away from my garden! "Who's laughing now?" I yelled, mostly for those who laughed at me. Laugh on...but I won!!
 Now, I'm at it again..wonder what critters I'll do combat with this year? I don't care...I'm ready!!! Watch for my progress. Luv-Loretta

   It may be a mess now, but wait and see! 


  1. Sorry Loretta but I laughed, that post was too funny... But you outsmarted them little rascals...

  2. Laughing away Loretta but do know the frustration of critters!

    THanks for letting me know you are seeing my list ok- have no idea what is going on with that thing!!


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