Thursday, March 10, 2011

Any Ideas...Help!!

I have this project that is driving me beans! I've tried, but without success to come up with a plan for this side of the porch! (The bush to the far left end are azalea and I want to keep these). I suppose I'm not or can't think straight because of this pain. So, I decided to bring it to the blog and ask my dear friends, "what would you do with this space?" The gardener has some methods and drastic suggestions that are so far off, it's crazy! lol.
  One point I can share with you: there were matching railings that were removed, and I still have them. I am clueless! Can/will you please share some of your brilliant ideas with me? We really could use fresh pairs of eyes. Thanks for any help you can offer. Luv-Loretta
I'm sorry, I forgot to mention, there is a white swing at the other end, and two large planters flank each side of the door. Also, there are two large white porch rockers, possibly to go in this space near the entry door. (My camera batteries died on Mom before she could get anymore pics.)

 Thanks again!

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  1. Hi, Loretta, and thank you for your recent comment. As far as wine choice goes, I a big fan of Chardonnay with fish. It's just a personal preference.

    Wish I could help you with your dilemma but I get the feeling you're in a different growing zone that I am here in the Midwest. Some flowering vines would look pretty climbing up the supports. Hope you get some good ideas! I also like to drive around and see what other people in my area have planted successfully to get ideas.


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