Thursday, December 29, 2011

I've Missed You All So Much!

Hello Sweet Friends,
 I am so sorry it has taken me so long to recoup...I have missed you all too much! I must say, I think hubster has finally caught the blogging bug. I hope he didn't bore you too much, especially with all those pictures!
  The relaxation has done so much to get me back whole again. Rest, with so much pampering I have to say, is working out well! lol. Hubster is doing a very good job of...doing it all, partly because of your generous support of him... showering him with praise for his care of everything. Thank you all for your wonderful comments to the both of us...we appreciated them all!
  I know I have missed some  excellent opportunities to comment on your beautiful creations and celebration, but I will start sharing with you soon.
  My girls didn't want to leave, but with a tearful goodbye, they got on the road this morning at 4AM. They will arrive back in Florida late this evening. My son in-law Mark was a big help too, taking care of tech things, making it easy for me in the house. He is a sweetie that way.
  James has cleaned and put 2 loads into the washer, now he's out taking care of things and getting some down time. I needed some alone time also. This is what we do when the need arise and it works well for both of us. 
  Soon, another year will be upon us, didn't it seem as if this year pasted quickly?  Here's hoping you all will find this coming year, 2012, a Blessed one, and all the troubles, heartaches, losses, health related issues family issues, etc., will be easier to endure...and the burdens lighter. Taking them to God is the only way we can endure all these hardships, right? (Psalm 55:22)
  Have you been hugging/loving your pets? Please give them a hug for me. Thanks! Love You All!

Best Wishes,


  1. Glad to see a post by you. But! Please don't over-do. You must still need to take it easy. Please do.

    I know it feels awfully-like-guilt, to not get to everyone's blog. When they are faithful, commenting in our own blog. I know!!!!!!! But!!!!

    No one who is a real blogging friend, will want you to fret about this. Real blogging friends will only be happy, that you are resting as much as you should be.

    And when you are allllllllllll better, then you can come back to blogging, as it makes you happy to do so.

    "Auntie sezzzzzzzzzzz!" :-)

    And yes, James has done wonderfully, with filling in for you. And yes, I think he is having fun, doing it. :-) 'Cause it IS fun. :-)

    "People are so worried about what they eat
    between Christmas and the New Year,
    but they really should be worried about what they eat
    between the New Year and Christmas."

  2. Best wishes to you too for the new year. Glad to hear that you are doing better.

  3. Wishing you a very happy new year hun, Scarlett x

  4. I wish you a happy & healthy new year! Love & hugs to you, you are so special! Maggie/ Maggie's Lil' Fixins

  5. So glad to see that you are back blogging with us. We really missed you. I've been cooking a lot more in your absence. LOL!


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