Monday, December 26, 2011

Good Evening Wonderful Friends!

Hey this is the Hubster here today. Well, the sisters didn't take over because Loretta would not let 'em! She told them not to bother with it because I was doing a good job. I's glad she stuck up for me because they had some weird ideas and I know my gal would not go for it!
  Did ya'll have a good Holiday? Sure hope you did! Mine was okay, just so many kin-folk in-and-out, especially since Loretta stayed close to home. The weather was too cold and rainy for her to go out and I was afraid she would fall. She was okay with it too!
  I did get some pictures, but not of everything that went on. Those sisters had all kinds of stuff going on, I was dizzy! Heeeeheee!
Lord they had so much food it was crazy, course it was near a hundred of them there. This is our table, and the girls did it up just like every year, because Loretta love these dishes! Click on the pictures to enlarge.
                                        Our Dinner Table

The girls did a good job cooking and putting this all together

Loretta did some of the baking before she had to be put to bed

 This bowl is full of New Orleans Bourbon Bread Pudding and turkey, dressing and all the trimings!

Loretta baked one of these cakes, but we bought some too

 Loretta festive fruit salad
Biscotti, fudge, fruitcake cookies

 Congealed Salad Lime
Chewy Cranberry-walnut cookies

 Homemade Peanut-Brittle

Holiday Spice Cake
 Different shots of the table

Chocolate cake and sweet potato souffle

Lastly, Louisiana Gumbo with crusted bread and a large green salad dressed!

Hello Ladies, I just wanted to tell you how much I have appreciated your response to Hubster's posting! He has really helped in so many way and this is one of them! He said the pictures may be out of order, but hope you enjoy them. He had to go to the grocery with Mark our son-in-law, so I'm finishing up. I will try my hardest to be back to blogging soon. This bed rest is hard and my keeper is even worse! ugh!
Hope you have had a restful and peaceful day and until tomorrow,we hope you take real good care!
Best of the Best,


  1. -waving Hi to both of you- :-) So glad you stuck up for James, and didn't let *the sisters* take over your blog, Loretta!!! -giggles- He is doing a marvelous job. Just look at those pics, too.

    So glad you had a lovely Christmas. You certainly had a very lovely Christmas Dinner!

    But hard as bed rest is, if your doctor wants it for you -- You just be a good girl and do it. We will be here, when you get all better again.

    And... Meanwhile... James is doing a great job! :-)

    "The soup simmers all afternoon, the fragrant steam wafting through the kitchen, warming our faces and tempting our taste buds as we take turns giving the post a friendly stir." ~~Susanne Barrett

  2. Merry Christmas Loretta! Your home and table are so beautiful and it looks like a fun time was had and no one was hungry when it was over! I think it's so sweet that your hubby takes such good care of the blog as well as you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. Take good care of yourself and don't overdo. Everything looks delicious and I will be over for a serving of the bread pudding, one of my favorites.

  4. OH MY! Look at all of that food! I won't need food for a week just looking at the pictures. Wow! Was there anything in there for a diabetic, Ms. Loretta. I sure hope so. Now that we know you are diabetic we will be watching what you eat more closely.

    Those pictures are awesome! Keep up the great work James. So glad the sisters were sidelined. LOL!

  5. That is a lot of food! I'll bet everyone's waistbands are a little tight after such a spread!

  6. That is quite a spread. I'll bet everyone's waistbands are tight after that feast!


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