Sunday, November 27, 2011

Family Traditions One Year Giveaway!

   Family traditions create positive feelings in a family, right? Most traditions are handed down from generation to generation; others come from cultural or ethnic heritage.
  With my strong Frence-Creole and Choctaw, etc., family is steeped in traditions. Our traditions have meaning that is special to our family and create feelings of warmth and closeness. By our spending time together in a fun and special setting, the family has grown close and, the more our traditions are observed, it brings us even closer together; it promotes a sense of belonging, safety and assurance in this hectic and ever-changing world. 
   Our family traditions gives all of us something to look forward to.
The adults are just as excited as the children! This time of the year we have so much to do! Each year, as the children and grandchildren grow older, they want to add their ideas to our growing list of things to do. Here are some pics of my family at our  gathering the first of this week.

 Lisa, my baby Sis

Kisha and oldest standing at the door

Yvette, my Sis taken at Mom's

  Some of our activities are: Games, touch football, music, a family movie and photo sessions. The first day together, we have breakfast; lunch is Gumbo and all the trimmings. Then we all put on a talent show for our 82 year old mom/granny! She also has a day when we bring her chocolate covered cherries and Biscotti...she loves them! 
  Our baking/cooking day, we bake fruitcakes and fruitcake cookies, other cookies for the kids, pies, cakes, etc. The children have time set aside for their gifts. Our large traditional meal is cooked and served...including invited company, we have a huge crowd!
  Our bonfire is to celebrate is a huge affair that ends with fireworks! We are all together from a week to two weeks when the last ones pull out for their long drive home.
  Our mom is very pleased and will talk about the event for months! We are truly blessed to have her with us, and all of us do all that we can to take care of her!
  Do you have Family Traditions? Tell us about your traditions! We would love hearing about them!
  We are celebrating our one year of blogging with a Giveaway...
     "One Year Giveaway"!
James and I will select a special family tradition from your comments.


The person selected will win this three piece set of holiday kitchen towels and I will be adding more to this set! You must be a follower or become one to enter. The contest starts now, and ends December 4th at 10PM EST. The winner will be announced December 5th next post... Come on now, let's hear about your Family Traditions.
Warmest Regards,


  1. Wow! What a beautiful family! Such a lovely post. You just can't put a price tag on times with our families! Hugs to you! Maggie

  2. Hi Loretta,
    I'm so happy you stopped by and I'm glad you liked my security password post! I never post things like this so you know it was a first for was too funny to pass up. I have been following you for a few weeks now. Although I have been busy with turkey day I havent been in blogland too much..I'm working on an art project that I just have to have done real soon! When I have to do something I always fall behind..if I dont have to do it on time it gets done! Why is that? Anyway, thanks for your your family photo' sure have a lot of sisters..I have only 3..and all my sister's here in blogland!

  3. Thank you for sharing your family traditions. You are all so blessed to have each other and to be creating new traditions with the younger generation. We always loved playing games as a family after the holiday meal was finished. We didn't have time this Thanksgiving because all the guys were too busy watching the 49er game. Oh well, we had fun anyway.

  4. So enjoyed reading about your family traditions. I have a snowman collection and they all come out at this time of year.

  5. Happy Blogiversary! I so loved seeing the pictures of you family. And all that talk of all that good food...Yum

  6. Hi, Loretta! What a nice post, I loved seeing your whole family! And may I say: all very beautiful ladies! And Happy One Year Anniversary! I can't believe a year has passed already, that time went SO fast, didn't it? And I can't even think up any holiday tradition at the moment, isn't that sad! I will ask my son and come back if he thinks of anything! LOL!

  7. You have such a lovely family Loretta and yes I think traditions are wonderful things to observe. The ones I love are the ones that just seem to evolve and then you can't imagine not having them.
    I wish you and your family many more special times together. Loved your photos.
    Blessings Michelle x

  8. Love your family traditions :) my mum and dad have both died now so I am tyring to discover new traditions for myself and hubby :) I do like having a pillowcase for a stocking still though :)

    Great giveaway I'd love to be included.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  9. So many beautiful smiles and traditions. Thank you for sharing with us.

  10. Thanks so much for sharing your family with us!! I just love seeing the people and the inspirations behind the blogs.

  11. You DO have a beautiful family!! And some rich family traditions. What a nice and sweet giveaway. Hmmmm... our family traditions. My husband's mother always made a family recipe called Knifles (fried potatoes, onions, and little dumplings.. steeped in bacon grease ;)). I try to carry that tradition on, usually on Christmas Eve. Somehow so many of our traditions are based on food.. lol. -Tammy

  12. We are still trying to figure out the fusions of our individual family traditions along with starting new traditions with our own little family. It is an exciting time for sure. Happy blogiversary!

  13. I would Love to be in the drawing for your sweet give away so please put my name in the hat. I hope I am posting this in the right comments :)


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