Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baked From My Kitchen

Good Wednesday to you all!

  Yeah, I've been in the kitchen experimenting with baked goods. My sisters did a conference call trying to find out if we were going to do something different this year, because of the children's input. 
  It was the same day that I was in the kitchen trying out recipes. I only baked two. I think I am going to do the fruitcake cookies and these below... they are a drop cookie...cranberry and walnut.

I only made a batch...Hubster, my Mom and Daun, my oldest daughter, where here when they came out of the oven...they didn't stay very long, especially when the coffee was done! LOL.

Hubster was at home four days last week and he asked for some homemade bread. If you're looking at the pics, notice how the top of the loaf is brown. Well, he like it this way...with a crust. Just before I removed it from the oven, I rubbed butter on top, then allowed it to brown crisp. Needless to say, it filled the house with that homey aroma that you get only from freshly baked bread!

I love baking bread and all the other yummy desserts that my family enjoy. Hope you have a Happy Wednesday and the entire week!

Best and Warmest Wishes,


  1. Everything looks delish, I love baking too!Enjoy your holidays with your family!

  2. I bet the aroma in your kitchen was heavenly from the cookies and bread. It all looks yummy good and I know it was indeed.

  3. I do fruit cake cookies every year. They get better with age. You can make them a month ahead and they are still good if they last that is.... Hugs. LJ

  4. I make those fruit cake cookies every year. They get better with age. You can make them a month ahead. If they last that is... Like your pics. Hugs. LJ

  5. Yummy! I bet your kitchen smells so good!...Christine

  6. I love the smell of homemade me it represents home.

  7. Cookies are my weakness. I can smell that bread all the way over here.

  8. Those look great, Loretta! I bet your kitchen smells amazing too!

  9. Just to say I am about to take my last batch of cookies out of the oven...Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cranberry Pecan .....and, O HONEY, are they good.
    Yours look delicious, too.
    I, too, like my bread with a dark crust. Yummmmmmm


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