Thursday, September 15, 2011

Things That Pleases Me

  Good Afternoon Ladies. Hope your day has gotten off to a good start and you are well. I have always been a simple minded person...loving simple things and life. It doesn't take much to please me...make me happy, as you have no doubt seen on my blogs. When I see something that 'speaks to me', it is what pleases me. I rarely, if ever, govern my life, choices, taste in items, or anything by what others think or say. This philosopy of mine has given me much pleasure and serenity in my life.
  I'm sure some, if not most of you will agree with some of my pleasures...I put my Creator...the giver of life, first. My husband a close second; my children and grand children; my Mother, and of course, my fur babies.
Then there are the small things that goes unappreciated; some feel they are insignificant...and most of these small things are usually unnoticed.
  But, who can not notice puffy white clouds that can spark the imagination with its different shapes and sizes.

                      All you have to do is look to the heavens to see the magnificence of their presence

When I here the beautiful songs of the songbirds, it stirs in me contentment, a feeling of well-being.

  Each year, my mockingbird friend will come and sit on my fence and sing his repertoire of songs to me. It is something that I cherish year after year.

The simplicity of a single flower, yet the beauty of a rose. There are so many different colors
 for our pleasure.
I get a feeling of love in my heart when I see these.

Call me a little weird, but I can sit and watch these little guy and their antics for a while. I love watching them eat...filling their cheeks with food. I have a squirrel feeded in my back yard and always fill it with peanuts for the little guys to eat. This gives me a great pleasure to do so.

Then,  I like having my computer because it puts me in touch with you and helps me to search for other things to broaden my knowledge.

 However, I still enjoy my books! I have different Bibles to do research and other volumes that pique my interest. I love sitting and reading with a cup of my favorite blend.

Too,  I love music. This is my center. Jazz and classical are my choices now, but there are more titles to bring enjoyment when the mood strikes my fancy.

And, these are some pieces of my black art. Hubby started to collect African art and we got hooked.

We had it displayed in "The Boys Room" at the other house but, could only bring some of it with us. He picked out these and they are satisfying to the both of us.
   It doesn't take a million dollor home, etc., to bring us pleasure. It is the small things that brings contentment and joy. Some, if not most of these possessions were found at resales, yard and thrift shops however, they are good for the two of us. Simplicity...that's our million dollar life and we love it...what's more, no one can take it away, is paid in full! What are the simple pleasures in your life? We would love hearing about them.

 Hope you are having a beautiful day. Just think, it will be another weekend right around the corner! Time certainly does have a way of getting away from you if you don't use it wisely, huh?
What are your plans for your family this weekend?  I will spend some needed time in my garden. It is begging for attention! LOL.
Whatever you are doing, stop a moment and look at the things God has given to us. We are truly Blessed!  Keep Safe and Hugs to you all!


  1. Thanks for the visit. Loved seeing your home. We have the same carousel music box!

  2. Thanks Loretta for a lovely Blog post - great photos of American skies and wildlife. You have a beautiful home - thanks for sharing it with us. Nancy

  3. Enjoyed your post. I have a family of Mocking birds that love to sing almost all year. I love them.And yes we are blessed as well. The Lord is good.

  4. What a nice post. We all need to stop to smell the roses and appreciate the little things! Love your pictures.

  5. Lovely post Loretta, you cannot go past the beauty of nature that's for sure....gorgeous photos1

  6. Very nice post Loretta!
    I love to watch the birds and smell the flowers from time to time! Very beautiful! I enjoy seeing photos of your home, and it's not silly at all that you are pleased by such simple things. They are the Lords' creation, and he made them beautifully!

  7. Thank you for the reminder. Even though I know it's all true, sometimes life bogs us down, and I temporarily forget. I love God and and glad you do too!

  8. Simple pleasures are indeed the best. I love seeing the ever changing sky and birdwatching too, connecting with friends, etc. You're so right about using time wisely. The weekend is almost gone and I had more that I hoped to do.

    Have a good week!


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