Sunday, September 18, 2011

Good Sunday Too All!

Good Morning, hope your day has started on a good note and your doing well. Our day started early with this hefty breakfast.                                        

    We have a full day and what better way to get it started than with a good hearty breakfast.

                         All I have to do is pour the coffee

Then, sit down and enjoy scrambled eggs, crisp bacon, strawberry waffles with maple syrup; fruit...grapes, sliced bananas, slices of cantalope, orange juice and coffee. Hubster will definitely enjoy this one, huh?

 Rain has been forcast by the weather stations. Let's hope our neighbors in Texas get a good down pour to put out those awful fires. So many have lost everything due to them! However, some of these fires were started by some who were uncaring and just down right evil! Authorities have been given information that may lead to their capture. Let's pray these heartless ones will be captured soon.

Importantly, pray for the thousands who lost their lives, homes, livelihood; and pray for the families of those fire fighters who lost their lives! Let's hope all of these friends and neighbors can start to rebuild and get on the road to recovery.
Hope your day a pleasant one, and you have a good week. Until safe! Loretta


  1. Breakfast looks so good Loretta! We aren't having breakfast this morning maybe brunch cause I'm spending the morning blog reading lol.I love the little juice glasses I have the same ones and have been seriously looking for the decanter that matches the set.

  2. Thanks much for visiting today! I bought the set years ago and there were only four of the glass. I've been looking for more of them! Luv

  3. Prayers help everything don't they :-)

    What a feast you've set at your table. My goodness-- do you go all out for lunch and dinner too? lol

  4. That's ONE BIG breakfast!!!!!!!
    Sure looks good.
    Thanks for the good wishes for our trip ~ I'm excited to get going so we can spoil our granddaughter a little more!!! Love your squirrel feeder on the prev blog. They're so much fun to watch.

  5. Looks like a delicious Sunday breakfast, Loretta!

    And so many prayers for those in Texas.

  6. My, what a big breakfast you have there! Looks fabulous as usual.

  7. I love a big breakfast! Pleasure to visit with you tonight from Our Cozy Abode.


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