Friday, September 2, 2011

Musings From Loretta

  Good Day to All, hope your morning has been a delight, but if not, there's always tomorrow...and a brighter day! This year is almost gone...the months seem to have slipped by. Fall is just around the corner and I know we will see an array of autumn colors, decor' and other changes on your blogs; also, ideas and of course, creativity will flow naturally.  
    I'm excited about the seasons changing because that means we will get to see your new dolls, quilts, stitching, fall floral and new recipes, just to name a few. I will be right in the mix, trying to add my 10 cent worth. LOL.
    Seriously, do you know why we love blogging? It is really quite simple. In God's infinite, perfect wisdom, He made us to need each other's creativity! I truly believe this! We aren't self-sufficient...but, I know we are mutually dependent. Look at it this way: I may need your sewing and stitching skills; then, maybe you can use my food prep and illustrations. We all need the other. We glean ideas by sight and with our perceptive powers.
 Becca: grows a beautiful garden.  Vanessa's: dolls and stories are very creative. Marydon: is wise and quite articulate (or shall I say, quite glib). Karen: is mild in spirited. Janet's: need-to-know blog.  Lisa's: motherly love. Christina's decor'. and Lady Jane's creativity. (You can find all of these unique  ladies in my follower's list). Included in this list, are all the many friends and other followers that I so admire. You all should celebrate your uniqueness and your creativity...even if you don't feel as if you are needed by your blogging are indispensable!

  Did you know you really do inspire others? Well, yes, you do, all of you! You are the only one who can give us your creativity! So, don't hold back...don't stop creating. Your can-do spirit inspires us...we need you! All of you have touched me in your special ways, and let me tell you...I could never put into words how much I need you and your creative self...and I thank you!

  So, the next time you post your work and you don't think it is worthy and want to delete it, think about how much you will inspire...Someone, Somewhere, Somehow with your uniqueness!

Wishing you a wonderful, peaceful and productive full week! Love



  1. Thank you, Loretta! That is so sweet of you to do for me. We inspire each other for sure ... you are such a heart warming delight & I am proud to call you friend, Loretta.

    Have a beautiful holiday weekend.
    TTFN ~

  2. Very nice post Loretta and I like the bright flower that greets the readers. Like you, I'm looking forward to the fall season. Have a nice holiday weekend!

  3. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I'm so thankful for the friends I've made through blogging. It's a wonderful community. Have a great weekend.

  4. Thank you so much for mentioning me on your blog, Loretta. You are so right, we all learn from each other. I am glad to know that I inspire you in some way and want you to know thet I find a lot of inspirations here.....Christine

  5. Thank you Loretta. Blogging has brought a lot of us close together and that is such a wonderful thing to have happened to us all. I have learned so much from you and other blogger friends. You expressed it so well. Take care dear friend. Hugs, LJ

  6. I love what you have to say Loretta. And thank you for the invite. I think I will follow along. Have a great and blessed weekend. Judith

  7. Thank you for the mention! It's very true - I love to be inspired by other blogs and creativity. :-)

  8. What a wonderful, touching post. I am such a cry baby. Thanks for mentioning me. You are so right about us needing each other's creativity. When I almost lost my life last year, I suddenly realized that I had no legacy to leave. I had no children, no grandchildren; just me. So I remember thinking, once I die, I am just gone. No one would be talking about me in 30 yrs. No one would say, "My mom was.." or "There's a picture of my grandma." My doll stories and my blog are so much more to me. They are the start of the legacy that I am trying to leave. I can't have lived on this earth for 40+ years, and have nothing to show for it. The response has been more positive than I ever imagined. I love getting the comments from 11+ year olds that say. "Thanks for making it okay for me to continue playing with my dolls".

    Thanks for continuing to provide me nourishment through your posts and through your wonderful food.

  9. How sweet, Loretta. Thank you for your "vote of confidence!" You are an inspiration.

    By the way, I have something waiting for you at my blog--an award! Here is the direct link:


  10. Thank you Loretta for the lovely mention in your post. You are so sweet. Great post too. We do learn so much from each other. I love blogging and have made so many new friends. I'm ready for fall too.

  11. What a sweet post Loretta!! You are so right too. I am constantly inspired by blog posts. why just now, I was inspired to go out and pick my onions to freeze tomorrow!! Thanks for that~


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