Monday, August 29, 2011

How Does Our God and His Son View Women

Good Evening Friends, this is my 100th post! I am elated and look forward to another good year! I could not have done it without your help. You are all truly fabulous!

  This is one of my newspaper articles that I want to share with you and would love to get as many of you as possible to respond. I always give feedback to the paper from you.

  Look at this picture. Would you say this man is a good who loves, cares and honor his wife? Hardly not! What a public display of his violence against her. His fists are doubled and he strikes her in the face... awful brutility!
 The sign behind them only adds insults to her humiliation! It states: "Cover your ears, domestic violence zone"! How crude and inhumane. In many cultures today regardless to their race, ethnicity, social origin, birth or other status, women are viewed and treated as inferior or, second-class citizens. But, what is the true God's attitude toward women?
  Jesus Christ, who is the image of His Father, reflects perfectly God's view of this matter. Jesus' dealings with all women during his ministry was that of respect. Consider for example, after his resurrection, his first appearance was to Mary Magdalene. He could have appeared to any disciple, instead, he dignified women by allowing them to be the first eye-witness of his resurrection.
  The Bible was written in a time when women were almost put on the same level as slaves. Even so, divine law expressed in Scriptures showed a high regard for women, unlike the ancient cultures. Several instances show us: He protected Sarah from being violated. (Genesis 12:14-20; 20:1-7); (Genesis 29:31-32).
  However, the most appropriate view we have is given in Proverbs 31st chapter. This is a beautiful description of the role and status of a "capable wife"! Surely the Lord approved of these writings and view women with respect, appreciation and trust. Too, the inspired writer Peter at 1Peter 3:7 urges husbands to "assign women honor". This implies that man value and respect his wife highly. Thus, if he honors her, he does not humiliate, down grade, or treat her violently. Rather, he demonstrates by his words and his public and in private...that he cherishes and love her.
  Yes, women in many cultures have been treated dishonorably, and sad to say, some have/are being physically, mentally and sexually abused. Certainly not the treatment our loving God intended for women.
All women should be treated with honor and respect. It is their God given due. To the abuser, if this is the case, what will be your punishment from God for violating it?
  Wishing you all a peaceful and restful evening/week. stormy weather is over, but some of us are dealing with storms in our, loss, daily crisis and others, but you must pray for endurance. Reach out to friends and family for love and assistance. Trying to go it alone doesn't work in some hard tmes or crisis. Let's love one another and reach out to your neighbor. You will be surprised how comforting some   can  be. I'm an early to bed person, so, say your prayers and,"Good night to all...pleasant dreams!

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  1. I agree with you completely. We are all equal and we should be treated with respect....Christine


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