Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thank the Lord...Rain at Last!

  We were not expecting this storm, but I don't think any of us regret it. We had straight line winds over 50 mph, trees down, power outage and of course, rain! My pics didn't pick up the rain very well, nor the tree that fell across the street knocking out power. I stood on the porch trying to get shots, but high wind and lightning reminded me how powerful they are. I gave they both due respect! LOL.

  I tried to capture the fallen tree just beyond the last tree on the top right of the pic, but missed the shot. The power line came down with the tree. We were withont power for a little while, because the fire and police departments are up the hill from us, and so is city hall! That's a lux I inherited for moving to this new address.

 If you look close you can see the rain dripping from the roof of Miss Betty, my next door neighbor's house. She is such a good neighbor.
 After the excitement of getting that rain, I finished putting away my peppers that were given to me. I put away 10 bags, and expect to get this many tomorrow...a promise made from our cheerful giver! I can always snag a bargain, huh?

Not only did I finish all of this, I managed to cook a light meal of chicken, green beans with bacon, rosemary new-potatoes, rice with mushroom gravy and pear salad.

                     See how the whipped topping is melting down from the heat in the kitchen

You know I love desserts...the kitchen cooled after the rain. Temp now a wonderful 72 degrees! So, I put this german chocolate cake in the oven. Imagine hubby's surprise when he walked in and dinner was on the table! I have to tell you, it has been so long since we had a home-cooked meal,  we both ate til' our bellies were ripe! LOL.

 Well, that's about it for now. I am so happy to be back among friends. Please let me hear from you. I have a doc's appointment tomorrow. I'm hoping things go well...
  Until then...Keep smiling and please know, you will always have a friend ... At Home with Loretta!


  1. Glad you had rain, Loretta. But strong winds is one thing I am always afraid of. We have so many trees surrounding us and I am always afraid one will fall on the house. One already fell on our back neighbor's house during Hurricane Gustav 3 years ago....Christine

  2. Oh Mrs Loretta I am so happy for the rain as well! Texas has been above norm in temperature for the longest! It was cool tonight though and Shan and I sat out and watched cars go by. The dinner looks great.

  3. Your husband isn't the only happy one. So good to have dinner and dessert again. I can almost taste it through the computer.

    Glad there wasn't any serious damage with the storm. Glad you are feeling well enough to cook again.

  4. Loretta,
    I am glad you all got some rain. We have had our share of those nasty winds too! I am glad you fared alright, and look at all those beautiful peppers! Yum! Your dinner looks scrumptious!
    Your husband is a lucky man! LOL!
    I hope that you have a good week and that you are doing well.
    God bless,

  5. We are next in line for your storm, Loretta. It is stifling from humidity now as the cloud cover builds & air thickens. Glad you are safe & had a deelish meal ... the peppers look wonderful. We put the bbq in the garage so we can cook if we loose power.

    Always enjoy your visits, sweetie. Have a wonderful weekend.
    TTFN ~


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