Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hello To Everyone

Breast Cancer Awareness

  It's good to be back! I have gone through enough drama this past month to last a lifetime! We had to put Miss Fannie, my mother-in-law, in the local care center because I could not handle that responsibility any longer. I am starting to feel a bit better now, but still having problems with my health.

  Hubby started to work longer hours because of the demand for road repair; and my computer crashed! However, a friend got me up and running that same weekend! What would we do without those who are willing to stick by you when you need help...regardless. I am truly blessed!
  It will take me a little while longer to get up-and-at-em again, so please bear with me. I haven't had much time to visit with you and I want to take a little while to do so. I have really missed spending time with you all...gosh how time flies.

  One thing that's not changed here is the hot, hot weather. It was 92  last eve at 11:45 PM! Today we will still be in the hundreds...108 and with the heat-index it will feel like 115! This is the hottest weather we've had...breaking all records and still no rain in sight! I was keeping up with the days, but I lost count. It is sooo dry and hot; and fires are popping up everywhere. Folks are losing everything due to fires. An 18 wheeler had a blow out and that started a fire that burned 200+ acres...all tall pines! That's how dry it is.
  My Mom was without electric for 15 hours and no one knows why! Water is now being restricted because water sources, lakes and creeks have gone dry. I keep telling hubby before it is over, we might have to go through even more hardships. Look at the conditions in the world today! Man is constantly digging themselves into a hole and trying to take all with them. If one can't endure these conditions now, how can he/she do so when it really becomes worse. Pray for endurance!!!

  Take care and be safe, especially if you are in these hot zones. Hope to be back with you soon. As always, love to you all. Hugs and Prayers your way! Loretta


  1. Hello Loretta! So nice to hear from you. Sorry you have had such a crappy month. Glad to see that you are rebounding well. Take care of yourself. We look forward to seeing you back regularly! Much love to you.

  2. So sorry you have to endure such awful hot condition's. We have been so lucky here.I will pray for rain for you.
    Thank you for your kind comment's, take good care.

  3. Sure hope you all can get a break from all the hot weather. If there was a way I'd gladly bottle up some of our rain and ship it to you.
    Same with my ice cream dessert...but afraid it would melt. :0)

  4. Mrs. Loretta Ive missed your post and you.Im so sorry that you have had extra stress lately.I hope things get better for you.I will be checking on you soon.

  5. Welcome back! Sorry to hear about all the heat. Hope things are better for you soon. Scarlett x


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