Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What's Good To Eat In All This Heat

Thinking back, I sometimes wonder if it is hotter now than when I was a young girl. (Don't go there! I am not OLD, Yet!) LOL.
  If so, honestly, I don't remember it. Even so, we must put up with it because complaining certainly will not change it. Right? However, I want to apologize for my failings, for I've come to you numberous times "bellyaching"...my weak and weary moments, about the hot weather in our area... and thank you for putting up with it. I suppose you thought each time you saw a post  from me, "Ohoooo, here we go again...the weather nut"! LOL.
  Instead of making you sick with this post, I thought I'd share what we do to beat the heat. Besides staying in the house and shade, I like to keep cool with light food and cold, cold drinks, etc. Follow along as I show-n-tell what really helps us to beat this heat.

  A good burger with all the trimmings. Chips, pickle and a tall glass of iced tea is filling and, delicious on a hot day. Nothing to do in the kitchen because this burger is grilled.

 How about a strawberry smoothie with fresh berries. They are sooo good and cold. Don't forget to chill everything, including the glass.

          Ice-cold watermelon is a good way to bring that chill to your stomach and feel cool all over!

                    Try  some ice-cold fruit. It certainly will cool you and it is, ohooo so good for you!

How about a favorite...ice-cream cone! I like them with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry; any flavor of ice cream. This is vanilla. James and Miss Fanny had Butter Pecan...Yum! As you can see, I don't scoop...I like to pile it on! (Please note: this ice cream is for diabetics. However, you can certainly use whatever you like.)

This, my friends, is not cherry Dr Pepper. I changed to...cherry cola. LOL. The one above is a cherry cola float. Vanilla ice cream added. Notice the extra foam. That's none chilled cola poured on the cold ice cream in a chilled glass! Cool huh!

             The cola glass above holds a frosty cherry cola in a chilled glass! Sooo good and cold!

  This is the frosty with an extra scoop of ice cream. It was delicious! You can have all of these, not at one time though, LOL. Or you can simply have....

               Ice cream served in a beautiful ice cream bowl. This is Butter Pecan, and it is soooo good!

                                         Or, you can simply have a tall glass of iced-water

          Or, what about ice-water with a twist of lemon. (I forgot the lemon to decorate the glass. Don't tell anyone!)

   This is how The Thomas Family keep cool in this summer heat. What are you doing to beat the heat?
Let us know.
  As always, thanks for stopping by, because we love having you coming over to see what's happening and cooking at Our House. Until the next time...Keep Smiling, and Keep Cool. We love you!


  1. I like all these ideas for ways to keep cool in the heat. I try to avoid turning on the stove unless I get started early. I've been munching on lots of watermelon to stay cool. Enjoyed your post!

  2. We do most of the same things you do to beat the heat, except me, now I'm dieting, so basically just ice water for me! We've had a lot of watermellon and canteloupe. Renee loves it. Jess, Floyd and Renee are enjoying the milder weather weather. I don't plan anytime soon to visit Louisiana in the summer months. Just way to hot and humid for me. We'll be going down late Sept this fall, and I'm going back down in Nov. too. Thanks for visiting me, and have a great week, Jo in MN

  3. I treated myself to a burger this weekend. I looovvee burgers, but I don't have them often. I have watermelon, grapes and strawberries in the fridge. I think I will go visit the fridge right about now.

  4. We love a black bean and corn salad that is cold but has the best flavor!

  5. Cold water is key! And I could go for some sweet watermelon. It is HOT in southern California so we are at our ski condo in the Sierra mountains...but we need to go to Home Depot and the closest one is in Carson City, Nevada...two hours away...bet it will be hot there!

  6. your summer meals look delicious. i love putting grapes in the freezer. they taste great frozen. hope you're staying cool.

  7. All look like good food to eat in hot weather. Haven't had a coke float in ages! When I was growing up in south Georgia, during the summer we took a mid-morning coke break on the back porch and ate fresh boiled peanuts. Oh, soooo good! Nancy


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