Thursday, July 7, 2011

Some Thrify Finds And Vignettes

 Good Day to All, are you enjoying your summer? Use your days wisely, because before you know it, you'll be back to school, work, etc. I went to the grocer yesterday, and sneaked a peek in our downtown shops before coming home. I couldn't shop the way I wanted, because I had to get back home to Miss Fanny.   
  However, I did see this old nightstand (not the right name I'm sure) and fell in love with it. I thought about it going in with my iron bed, so I looked it over. It is in good shape. The beautiful iron bed it was displayed with was outrageously expensive.  But, never say never...
  With a lot of haggling, my whiny pleads and her cursing me out...I got it, and I only paid $25! She was asking $79! Of course, it came with conditions. If she could find a match to it, I would pay more for it. However, that's the much more? LOL. I do drive a hard bargin.
  If you happen to know any background, will you let me know?

There is plenty of dirt and grim on the leg. If you look at the knobs, they are original to the piece

There is a small piece missing from the detailing, but look at the grain of the wood. It is so detailed.

                                   I love the patina, and the drawers are perfectly held together

I had this pic, shown below, in a previous post, however, I wanted to ask you if it is a photo, blown-up. My mom seems to think so. I found it in St Petersburg, Fla app. 20 years ago. It depicts a period time. The frame on it is original, and there is writing on the back but unreadable.

 I put this little vignette together on top of my refrig, I might have posted it before, but I'm always changing things.
This is the left side of it showing the little box with the chickens. There are two drawers for small things

Lovie, my Shih Tzu stand on the side of the refrig and bark at this pot holder hanging there. Just the other day, she jumped trying to get it, but only got a few inches off the floor. Now I know why she barks at the potholder!

On the right side of it, this is also a box, but has doors to open and store things. The heart shape in the middle of the handle allows it to be hung on the wall. Of course, you see the chickens pecking and standing proud. I have to get my vignettes together with them later.
  Well, I hope you enjoyed visiting with us today and it is our wish that you come back to see us soon. You are always welcome At Our House....Until next time..... We Love you!


  1. Hello! Loved hearing from you, today! Blessings!

  2. Oh cute stuff! Love the nightstand. Don't forget to join in tomorrow w/ my greatest treasure finds link up!

  3. Hi Loretta, you got some thrifty finds and the nightstand looks to be in good condition. The detailing caught my eye and you got a good price. The vignette on top of the refrigerator is nicely done :-)

  4. Love the furniture. What a neat piece you got there.

  5. I adore that antique night stand.

  6. I adore that night stand.


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