Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pictures of Our Home

  Hello to All, what a busy morning I've had. Hope your day a wonderful one! We finally got some rain last night and it is hot again today, 95 now!
  I stopped to take a few pics to show you the little progress I've made with unpacking and setting things up in the rooms. It has been very slow with my have James' mom here and trying to get things done, and there is plenty to do still.
  I've chosen to work alone, rather than having help, because I know where I want to place things. Maybe after I'm done, then, I'll get the needed help of cleaning, because I'm going to need it! I don't want "Fibro" to come visiting again any time soon!  My problem now: if I could only keep ahead of the the dust and pet hair!   Remember, this is everyday living i'm showing you in these pictures, no showpiece here! Enjoy!

This is my bedroom dresser. As you can see, I like the traditional furniture

Thought I would try this out for a while. The room is painted a very soft, almost baby blue. I love the blue and brown with the pink-n-white tossed in.

An additional shot of the dresser. See if you notice some of the pieces I've shown in earlier posts.

Living Room

This bouquet is on the antique Dining Room table

The Bombay in the Dining Room

These are the built-ins in the Dining Room

Atop of the Refrigerator

More of the built-ins


  1. Your house is looking lovely! It looks as if you're making good progress :) Hope you have a good rest of the week! ~Karen

  2. These are very nice pictures, you have a lovely home.

  3. Everything looks lovely. Thanks so much for stopping by Buttercup's. Please come and visit often!

  4. Glad you got things in order lookin good Mrs.Loretta!

  5. Glad you got things in order lookin good Mrs.Loretta!

  6. Everything is coming along quite nicely. I love the blue and white with pops of pink. Gives a cheery feel.

  7. Your home looks very cozy! I am glad you are getting things accomplished.
    I am trying to get organized and get rid of things. It's alot of work!
    Take care and have a good week!

  8. I love the blue in the back of those corner cabinets! Similar to the one I just redid, though I think I like your blue better.

  9. Your home looks so cozy. I just love the built-in corner cabinet and all your little treasures!


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