Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our Sunday Dinner

Hi everyone, is it hot, I mean ~Hot~ where you are now, expecially in the South? I tried to sit on my porch and it felt like I was breathing in hot, dry air and sweating like crazy, something I don't do easily. What a day, 102 and climbing! Well, this kind of heat will keep a sane person out of the kitchen, but you know me...sane...long gone! Ha!
  I went in the kitchen early and cooked off enough food for three days so, this should hold them awhile. I took the last of the greens from the freezer (thank goodness) and pulled out some rutabagas I'd bought as the Farmer's Market and cooked them.
 What I'm doing is trying to prepare and put on the plate, is what each of us want to eat since it's so hard to get a decent answer! Hubster, running the jaw again, said, "this is a winter meal". I promptly chided, "shut-up and eat your "anyhow"food...(anyhow winter ain't here!) LOL. Pass the cornbread!

I crumbled bacon over the greens, but they were cooked with ham

I didn't want the salad, so I fixed some mac-n-cheese. Delicious!

And, for dessert, I prepared this easy Peach Cobbler.
  I need to change the batteries in my camera, the pics are too light. Then, I want to show you what cold drink I make to cool us on these hot, humid nights. Hope your Sunday is/has been a good one. Until then... Hugs and Kisses! Loretta

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  1. Loving the Mac n Cheese, the cobbler, and the cornbread. You lost me at rutabaga. I never understood that one. Brings back awful memories.


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