Friday, May 6, 2011

We Are Finally Moving In

Hi everyone, just wanted to tell you we are moving in this weekend! All the mold is gone, the carpets are done, and so am I! I am so tired and my work has only begun...there is still the unpacking! Hubby swears I need to stop thrift shopping, but taking that away from me is like taking milk from a baby, a bone from a dog, or my Dr Pepper!
  Seemingly everything that could go wrong with this move, did! My Dad used to say all the time, "you can't win for losing!" I'm believing that more and more with each passing day. Am I the only one that these things happen too?
  Oh my, I will be sooo glad when I'm back into my routine. I suppose I was in my comfort zone too long and changes are getting the best of me. I can certainly use some encouragement right about now dear friends. This time, I need you!



  1. You can do it Loretta. Hang in there. It really is just a minor bleep in time. It will be over before you know it! And think how happy you will be when it is all finished.

  2. We're here for you, Loretta! Everything that can go wrong, will! So don't think you are alone, we've all been through it! Good luck and much happiness to you and your hubby with moving in. AND Happy Mother's Day too!
    Gloria xxoo

  3. Oh my, I'm sure I would be in your place if I were to move. I have so much stuff :) Quite a bit of it has come from thrifting, too. What a job! I do hope you had a very nice Mother's Day!! Take care. It will all come together. Karen

  4. Did that black cloud that follows me end up at your doorstep??? It wont stay for long girl, have faith. Just think what you will have when you are done.


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