Friday, May 2, 2014

Awesome Creatures

Good Morning,
How are you good folks today? Loretta and I have been keeping up with the weather the past weeks and it looks like we have all had our share of rain tornadoes and so much devastation. We sure hope ya'll have weathered the storms and picking up the pieces.
  Not too much any of us can do but Pray to the Good Lord that we all can endure all we have to face, and to get us through it! We have an awesome God and there is no other as great as He, nor will there ever be!

No other can or could have created this magnificent animal but the Creator of all things...Himself!!!

What an awesome animal...Loretta wanted me to say these are not her pictures, but they belong to her followers on Google +. We wanted to share them with you too. Aren't they truly beautiful creatures? 
  Looking at them one has to admit our God and Creator of all things is an awesome God, Right?

  We wish you all a Wonderful Weekend with Friends & Family! Hug your Pets for us too!

All The Best To You,
James & Loretta

                                                  For You!!!

1 comment:

  1. yes..I enjoy looking at most pictures of God's creatures (not so much tho with snakes or know what I mean) Have a great week


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